Mobile applications for banking service

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People prefer using   phone for transactions because it is easier and faster than going to the ATM because the ATM can be far from where they are but their bank does it easily. Since the phone can do the transfer I don’t see any reason stressing myself going to the bank to do the transfer.


In my own opinion, it  is sometime is even more difficult to go to the ATM because if you think about the stress moving from your house to the place where the machine is situated and you think of it that you can eventually make use of your phone then what is the need of you going to the ATM to make any transaction  while you can do it on your phone.

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Mobile phone bank applications has made it very easy, just like the Fidelity bank App which gives you an array of banking services by just using your phone and the app, saving most bank customers from the stress involved in banks; poor network connection, ATM scam, mammoth crowd and many other problems, I am really grateful for this bank application.


Actually as a business man the easiest way to do bank transaction is our phone. Sometimes most people don’t have chance to go to the bank for transaction, especially when the money is not much and doesn’t  involve the issue of cheques. So you can easily transfer money through your phone and it will cost you less even the stress of going to the bank or leaving your business or what to do.

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Well, the use of mobile phones for banking services such as transferring has made banking easier recently. One can be at the convenience of their home and easily carry out banking services rather than the crowd cluster in the banks and ATM.

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