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Money should be spent on the living, not the dead – Peter Obi

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The Catholic Bishop of Enugu has commended former Gov. Peter Obi on his edifying philosophies of life and appeal to other Nigerians to emulate him. Speaking yesterday at the requiem mass for Obi’s elder Sister at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Ukana, Enugu State, he said his idea of making burials modest and use the money that would have gone into it to add value to humanity was a lesson with learning.

peter obi

Ex-governor of Anambra state, Mr. Peter Obi

Amidst criticisms against the former Governor of Anambra State for not ensuring that his Sister was buried like people of his status would ordinarily do, Obi, while answering questions from Journalist after the requiem mass said he was aware of the criticisms, but that those not happy should respect what the family has chosen to do.

Asked what informed the decision, Obi said that he would not speak for Adani or Obi’s family, but that he was personally pleased with what people call ordinary burial that was accorded his sister. Obi said it had always been his belief that money should be spent on the living and those in need of help rather than on those that were already dead.

Hs words: “Sometimes I shudder on what people do for the dead as if they are marketing commodity. All the dead needs from the living is decent burial after they must have taken care of him while living. As I Catholic What I owe her now are prayers and booking of masses for happy repose of her soul and not an opportunity to display wealth that should rather be used to add value to humanity.”

Obi lamented that Igbos are spending unnecessary money in burials and other celebrations, saying that what Igbos usually spend in a week on burials on other social events can rehabilitate over hundred schools and at least can be used to build a factory.

Obi who commended some bishops that have started to look into the cost of burial, said he personally shunned adverts and other gifts from people in support of the burial of his sister and that he rather asked anybody that wanted to buy anything for him should give him the cash.

He said from the money he collected, he would add to it and rehabilitate a school as well as build a brand new Health Centre in honour of her Sister at Adani, where she was married to. “I think she will be happier that his death has brought succour to the people rather than in the number of cows killed for her, which may end up causing health issues to some people.”

Speaking on the issue of brochure for burial, Obi said that brochures should be simple to reflect the mood of the time rather than showcases of the Person’s life which it has been turned into. “Even from the angle of creating unnecessary burden to ourselves, have you asked yourself the stress involved in countless calls and emails to people for condolence messages that would be published in a brochure? I mean, all this things are unnecessary burdens”, Obi concluded.

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