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Moremi the Musical signals the return of the theatre – Lillian Aluko, Rejuvenee CEO

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Lilian Aluko, the Chief Executive Officer of the Rejuvenee Wellness Center and co-producer of Queen  Moremi the Musical, has described the drama staged in Lagos at yuletide as a success.”Rejuvenee foundation is happy with the outcome of Queen Moremi the Musical.

We equally count it as our own success story having partnering in such a cultural reawakening project for the first time. Rejuvenee is a wellness and beauty center.

Our vision is to promote beauty and wellness beyond the ordinary perception of it and the lQueen Moremi Ajasoro project as part of the culture of the Yorùbá race and the legend as a model womanhood,”Aluko told Sunday Vanguard.

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“This is the first time we are partnering in such a huge project and we believe it is the beginning of more projects of this cultural nature to come. We are equally indebted  to the  House of Oduduwa and the Ooni’s palace which  created the opportunity to contribute our quota in a cultural renaissance. It is a positive one for Rejuvenee and we look forward to future opportunities to promote the cultural renaissance of the Yorùbá race and also to promote womanhood.

“Championing this production is one of the core visions of Rejuvenee which is to elevate the beauty of every woman for the inherent beauty in them. Having been in business in Nigeria over a year ago, and having started with this epic production, it is a plus and a sign of how prepared we are to make impact in cultural promotion in the country.”

The co-producer, while extolling the virtues of Queen Moremi, stressed the need for women to key into her values. “Moremi stands as a cultural model and it is imperative for us to emulate and imbibe her values into our lives as a people. In Rejuvenee, we are not only creating beauty but also trying to propagate the core values of culture as a people with particular reference in the stage drama collaboration effort.

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The values of what Moremi stood for as a woman is courage, determination, resilience and selfless sacrifice. She tried hard to make sure that there is peace in her land. These are qualities that drive the Rejuvenee brand. We believe that women are the icon of these values.

We as well encourage every woman in the country to imbibe these values to stand out. If we look inward and propagate these values, some of the foreign cultures would not have effect on us as a people,” she stated.

“However, the musical was a huge success and perhaps, rekindled the comeback of theater to take its place. Theatre is almost as old as Nigeria. The industry flourished in the days of Hubert Ogunde which somehow spiraled into film production that gave birth to Nollywood.

home-video shift however affected the visibility and patronage of core theater but, the new era theatre, which Bolanle Austen Peters revived through her recent works, brought theatre back to its original position.

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Theater has come to stay and having observed the huge impact theatre has on people, we, at the Rejuvenee, deemed it wise to remain relevant in the promotion of our cultural heritage throw the traditional theatre”.

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