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Mothers’ Day: Style lessons from renowned moms

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As some parts of the world celebrate Mothering Sunday, which is otherwise known as Mothers’ Day, Makeover beams the spotlight on women who have set the pace in style, while holding down the forte in other areas outside the home front.

Aisha Buhari

Juggling wifely duties with motherhood, first ladyship, with writing and a business to match, Nigeria’s first lady, Aisha Buhari has set a standard for mothers, within and beyond Nigeria, on bringing respect to an exalted office, while still staying as fashionable as ever. Never found wanting in the religious recommendations for being female, she still finds a way to work stylish magic with her ensemble, every time. Whether it’s a simple skirt and blouse, or the traditional alternative, Madam Aisha has shown, time and again, that a woman can break barriers, even in heels.

Florence Ita-Giwa

Do you want styles for a variety of fabrics? Look no further than the beautiful Senator Ita-Giwa. There is seldom any party which she graces with her presence, which doesn’t become the talk of the town, going by the style attention she carries. Charming personality and a confident pose to match, she knows how to do creativity-plus-colours just right. And she brings such elegance to fashion, that she has proved that there is no limit to what a mother can achieve, no matter her age.

styleTheodora Omisande

Theodora Omisande, an Indian trained beauty therapist/aesthetician based in Ibadan, Nigeria, owns and manages D-ril Spa. For her, “style is being unique. Style is life; it is the way and manner you do your own thing. Style is not just about dressing; it is how we carry ourselves generally. Style is broad in scope, ranging from fashion to skin, care for her, etc. It determines your preferences, indicates what social class you belong, and people’s evaluation of you. As a mom and a therapist, balance is key. I have to dress moderately, but fashionable to fit my work environment. I operate a spa and very decent and classy people are usually my guests. Also, as a mom, I have to be a role model for my children. Appearance and way of life have either positive or negative effects on our children.”

Omoni Oboli

For some mothers surrounded by sons, juggling duties as a wife, mother and actress may bring such stressful outcomes that staying afloat in the fashion industry may take its toll. However, Omoni doesn’t seem to be letting low expectations define her. Her love for stylish colours and outfits, which she goes to great lengths to personify, seem almost too easy, going by the way she flaunts her enviable physique.

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Her natural hairdo is another major plus as she is a model when it comes to working magic with the natural hair – there are more than a few women who have embraced the natural look as a result of her influence. Omoni’s message for the 21st-century mom can be summed up in this: If you can think it, you can do it.

Michelle Obama

In an interview with InStyle, Obama, who spoke on following trends said: “I tend not to worry about the trends, because what works for an 18-year-old selfie queen may not for a 52-year-old First Lady, who is a mom of teenagers she is trying to be a good role model for.”
On her personal style, she noted that she preferred “Very casual. No makeup, a T-shirt, and a pair of ripped jean shorts or workout pants, because I’m always on the verge of going to or coming from [working out]. I love colour and pieces that make me feel good, but it’s much more informal.”

Mercy Aigbe

This list would be incomplete without the fair-skinned actress, who has captured the fashion world, bringing to blend a mix of the middle-aged and youthful attractions. Setting standards in the fashion world, Mercy has, in her own right, created a world where jittery fashion enthusiasts fear to tread. Hair, makeup, nails, shoes, and clothes, she never fails to make a major statement when she steps into the limelight. On-screen or off-screen, working with beads, stones, flowers, and with as many kinds of fabrics as you can imagine, Mercy has gone on to prove that fashion is what you tell yourself it is!

Mide Martins

She has captured the hearts of many with her performances on screen, and never fails to make a statement with her outfits. Going above and beyond in her styles, Mide works well with her body to bring the tasteful finish to fabrics. Sensual, creative, curvy, and chic, Mide is a pro when it comes to adding the necessary touches to making a fabric stand out. She is an example for mothers on knowing that, sometimes, it’s not as much as following the trend but setting a standard that stands the test of time and class. As long as the occasion calls for it, Mide never disappoints!


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