MRS educates mechanics, technicians on lubricants

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’Femi Asu

 MRS Oil Nigeria Plc has said it is partnering the Motor Mechs and Technicians Association of Nigeria and Nigeria Automobile Technician Association to educate them on its brand of lubricants.

The Lube Sales Manager, MRS Oil Nigeria Plc, Jane Opara, said the aim of the initiative, tagged ‘Lubricants Market Storm’, was to “create awareness for our brand of lubricants, especially to the mechanics, considering the influx of adulterated and cheap products from Dubai and other countries.”

She said, “We felt this period is the time when most motorists will be servicing their cars and we need to create this awareness and let them know that companies in Nigeria are still producing high quality lubricants, which are better than whatever is being imported into the country. We also want to educate them on the advantages of patronising made-in-Nigeria products.”

Describing the response from the mechanics as very impressive, Opara said, “Currently, we have the highest grade of automotive lubricants. For now, that is the highest on mineral base, meaning that outside that you have the synthetic. Now, it is only MRS that has this grade of lubricant in the industry.

“So, we are trying to inform them that with this kind of lubricant, you can reduce your fuel consumption, soot formation, and the engine can stay longer because it has the higher grade interval. It is locally produced. But currently, there is no blender in the country that manufactures addictives and base oil; they are imported.

“Prior to now, we used to have that from Kaduna refinery; but for a while now, we all import. What we mean by ‘locally produced’ is that we have what it takes to stick to what is needed to give us the best outcome.”

According to her, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria is doing a lot of work in ensuring that blenders come out with what they say they are producing.

She said, “The lubricants market in Nigeria has a lot of prospect; it is expanding every day. Our intention is to increase our market share. The mechanics are happy we are partnering them. We are working hand in hand with NATA and MOMTAN, and we have lined up about 12 locations for this initiative.

“To tackle adulteration of our products, we are trying to introduce a coding system and we are educating the mechanics on this idea of destroying the kegs after usage to prevent anyone else from replicating it. We also have our own internal security features that we can’t tell the public.”

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