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My crush on Adekunle Gold is real — Adebukola

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Young and passionate about her career, Adebukola Salawu is currently making every moment of her acting career counts. With three movies to her name already, the graduate of Banking and Finance believes making her own movies gives an edge over many of her contemporaries in the industry. Adebukola, who is also into beauty and make-up, speaks with SEGUN ADEBAYO about her career and life.

How would you describe your acting career since you started?

The feeling of being an actress is one of the most beautiful things about the job. Waking up to do what you are passionate about makes it very interesting for me. I feel very great choosing this career path and I have had no reason to regret that action. So, talking about the experience, I will say it has been awesome. Acting has its own challenges and they never stop coming at you, nevertheless the career is what I would choose over again.


You have successfully produced three movies and I learnt you are about to produce the fourth one. How did you manage to achieve this feat, given the fact that you are not an established actress yet?

Everything in life requires determination and commitment. There is also the place of consistency and zeal to keep pushing on until something big happens. I have always been a very determined person and this reflects on every facet of my life, not just in the movies.

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Being determined would not earn you money to produce movies, how did you come about that?

I joined the movie industry in 2007 through my former boss, Mr Eleni in Ibadan. But I later left to go to Ekiti State University (EKSU) where I studied Banking and Finance and graduated in 2014. That same year, I returned to acting. While I was in school, I had a big make-up business where I made a lot of money. I remember that the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) embarked on a strike at some point in school, so I used the opportunity to enroll in a cosmetology school. As soon as the strike was called off, I started running the beauty and make-up business in school and I was making money. So, I produced my first movie, Omije Okan in 2016 with the proceeds of my business and savings. That was how the journey of being a movie producer began. The movie was directed by Femi Fadeyi.


Tell us about your two other movies and what inspired the stories?

I produced my second movie in 2017 and it was entitled Imotayo while I produced Ategun same year. The two movies were directed by Wale Razak. I am always inspired to tell a story that people can relate to.

A story that tells itself from the beginning to the end of the movie. I am inspired by day in day out stories of people who made it in life through hard work and perseverance.


We heard you and Femi Fadeyi had a relationship. Is this true?

He was and remains my boss, who supported and still supports my job. There was nothing beyond that.  Uncle Femi and I never had anything together. It never happened. Those who were saying that probably misjudged things. Let me shock you today, I have never dated an actor and I will never.



It has never fascinated me. I think because we know ourselves and what we can do. So, there is no basis for that as far as I know. Anybody who told you I dated him is only wishing he had me.


Are you saying none of the young and single men in the industry is your type?

I can’t date any of them.


What about the music industry, is there anyone you are crushing on?

Oh! You want me to hit the nail on the head? I am seriously crushing on Adekunle Gold. My crush on him is very real and I have been looking forward to meet him one of these days.


What would you do with him when you meet him?

I won’t reveal that to you.


Are you aware he’s seeing Simi?

I don’t even know who he’s seeing at the moment. All I care about is that I want to see him and express how I feel for him.


As a young actress, why did you opt for producing movies rather than making appearance?

There are many reasons attached to that question. Number one, what’s bad in producing my movie if I have the resources and wherewithal to bring them to life? Don’t forget I told you I had been in the industry since 2007, but academic pursuit would not let me have my way.

So, as soon as I completed my first degree, I felt there was nothing stopping me again. Another fact is that there are some people who feel if you don’t do their bidding, you can’t get a particular role or feature in their movies. You command some level of respect from your colleagues, both male and female when you are producing your movies. You won’t approach me with what I don’t want when you know I have set a standard for myself.


What do you think of producers who, people alleged, demand for s3x to feature up and coming actresses in movies?

For me, I have never had such experience because I don’t even give room for that in the first place. I am not saying it does not exist, but it has never happened to me. Let me also tell you that, no producer would force you into bed, if you don’t want to. Some of those who have fallen victims are those desperate for roles.

Desperation led many of them into it, and when things didn’t turn out fine, they would blame producer A or producer B. I have never been harassed or approached with such.


How was life in school combining academics with business?

Life in school was the second stage of my life that shaped me to become what I am today. For me, I have always loved business even as a child. I ran a salon, make-up business and cosmetics after I left the cosmetology school during the ASUU strike. I had established myself well before I graduated. So, school was fun for me.


You signed a deal with Karshoky Entertainment Company recently. What does the deal entail?

Karshoky is a full-grown entertainment company that is into artiste’s management, talent grooming, films production and organising concerts. Having me on board is a big plus for my career, because I really don’t have to bother myself about sourcing for funds for my new projects; they are in charge of it now.

My new movie would be released under the company. The movie industry is highly competitive. So if one is lucky to have a financial war chest, or company that is willing to put its resources into your projects, I think it is a big deal. We have a symbiotic and professional relationship that will bring forth positive results in no time. I am pleased to have joined the company. People should just watch out for me in a new light.

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