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My wedding Night… With… D-Don

My wedding Night… With… D-Don

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When you walked down the aisle with your wife, was it the right time for you?

Yes, it was the ripe time for me to get married. I did not want to be the man that would still be taking his child to primary school at 60 years old. I had seen a man that took his child to nursery school and someone asked if it was his grandson only for him to say that the child was his first son. I did not want such a thing for my life because I want to retire early and enjoy my life.

What made you woo your wife?

I noticed her humility and her simplicity even though she is from a well to do family. She did not let it get into her head that her father works for an oil company. She is simple and intelligent.

Did it take her a while to make up her mind about dating you?

No, it did not.

Did she know you were a comedian when you made advances to her?

Yes, she was aware because she was in my younger brother’s class in the university and he had been telling her that I really liked her. Prior to when he was telling her all that, he had told me that she is a nice girl with a good reputation. So, when we met, we talked and I told her that I really like her. When she also told me that the feeling was mutual, the relationship started and the rest is history.

Did she take you seriously when you were wooing her?

Yes, she did because I did not approach her as a comedian. Also, when I am not on stage, I am a serious person. As of the time she met me, I was already into some businesses. I had a monthly comedy show and when she visited me, we went to some offices together to get sponsorship so she saw the seriousness in me.

Were you not jittery the first time you met her father?

No, I was not. Based on the nature of my job, I had already met some people of her father’s calibre professionally and I had anchored some of their birthday parties. I had come across some big men. I was so blessed because when I met her father, he liked me immediately. Her mother, on the other hand, had already known me as a comedian before we met.

How did you propose to your wife?

It was a very funny way of proposal. We were in a room kissing; already the proposal ring was under my tongue. I just slightly pushed it into her mouth. She stopped kissing me to ask me what that was and at that moment, I asked her to marry me.

Since you had anchored a lot of weddings, how did you feel seeing your colleagues anchoring yours?

It was like a comedy ‘roast’ session. My colleagues MC Acapella and Igos who anchored the programme made it a point of duty to make me the butt of their jokes.

Were you able to consummate your wedding that night?

No, we did not. We just slept all through the night.

Did you have a honeymoon?

No, we did not have one immediately after the wedding because there was a job I was doing for Nigerian Breweries at the time but they gave me a break for my marriage. So by the time I got back, I had to complete the job. At the same time, Unilever was sponsoring my radio show and if I was not on air, they would not pay me. I could not afford to lose my presenter’s fee because the sum of money was huge and I had spent a lot on the wedding. When I had cleared my plate, my wife and I went to the United States for our honeymoon.

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