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My wedding Night… With… T-Babs

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When you met your wife, were you nursing plans to get married at that point in your life?

No, I was not thinking about marriage because I was still struggling and I felt I was too young. At a point, my girlfriend got pregnant for me and we had to plan the wedding urgently.

How did you meet your wife?

I met her at the hospital when I took one of my artistes there for treatment. Since when I was young, I had always loved to date a nurse, so when I met her, I just deduced that she was the one for me.

How long did the courtship process last?

It took us just nine months of courtship before we got married.

Can you recall the first day you met her parents?

Her father was dead when I met her but I was able to meet the mother who resided at Ilorin, Kwara State. Mrs. Bamidele was so accommodating that she took me as her son.

How did you propose?

My wife likes bread, so I planted a ring inside the bread I bought for her. When she was eating the bread, she saw the ring and showed it to me. I then took it from her and asked her if she was going to marry me.

Did you always dream of a lavish wedding? 

No, I have never dreamt of having a lavish wedding because I am very prudent when it comes to spending money.

But was your wedding ceremony what you had always dreamt of?

Yes, my wedding was what I had always dreamt and planned for honestly

Did you have a party?

Yes, my friends organised one for me. I had friends like Kunle Afod, Shola Rose, Adu Kolapo, Obi Marthin and Queen Orduji amongst others who were part of the planning committee. It was funny because Saidi Balogun was the host of my wedding and he spilled a lot of beans about me.

Did any funny event happen on your wedding day?

My wedding party almost turned into a dancing competition between my wife and me and at a point, our parents had to join us.

What were some of the pieces of advice you were given on your wedding day?

We were advised that we should both be very understanding towards each other and if anything happens, we should not tell a third party.

Were you able to consummate the marriage on your wedding night?

No. We both slept like babies.

How was the honeymoon?

My honeymoon was fun and I enjoyed it to the fullest.

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