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My wedding Night…With… Biyi Samuel

My wedding Night…With… Biyi Samuel

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How long have you been married? 

I’ve been married for 12 years now.

How did your marriage happen, did you plan for it or it just happened?

You know sometimes you might say you want to get married at a particular time or you want to get your first car at a certain age. Sometimes things come earlier, other times, they came a bite late. I can say marriage didn’t come at the time I wanted it, it just happened. It’s not like I didn’t envisage or plan for it, nor that I didn’t have the dream of getting married someday. I wasn’t just fully ready.

How would you describe twelve years of marriage? 

When you talk about marriage, you talk about an institution that no man foresees. You just know that it is an institution, a school of learning and someday you will go into it. I don’t even know what it looks like but I know I love this lady and I think I can settle down with her. Marriage is something you just want to take a bold step towards.  For me I would say it’s an adventure. It’s been a good ride because it has afforded me the opportunity to be called a loving and caring father and a responsible and reliable husband. I can tell you that by the grace of God, marriage has afforded me two important titles in a man’s life.

How did you meet your wife? 

I will say it’s just destiny because she is someone that didn’t want to have anything to do with my kind of person. She didn’t want a singer irrespective of the genre. Be it gospel, Hip Hop or fuji. I can remember at a point she was beginning to calm down for me but she told me if she was to go out with me at all, every message that came into my phone must come into hers too. She said she didn’t know how we were going to do it but that was what she wanted. She had this fear of the unknown for music artists generally. I actually got her number somewhere and we got talking. I even used to forget her birthdays despite the fact that our birthday falls within same month. She is June 15th and I am June 20th. But there was something I noticed about her. No matter how much I forgot, she was considerably calm for a woman. She would come after her own birthday, that is five days after, during my own birthday and she would tell me calmly that I didn’t even remember her own birthday. She always called and prayed for me during my own birthday. There was a time after she had accepted to marry me; I was carried away, doing my own thing. She came to visit me and she asked me calmly, “what has been happening to you?” From that day, I just decided that she was my woman without any doubt.

Where and how did you propose to her?

It wasn’t an elaborate proposal. It was just the two of us. She was on her way to her family church and she paid me a visit. She is a church girl. I was somewhere around Ibadan. She was wearing a very long gown with a headgear. I’m talking about real headgear, not the turban of these days. Right there I told her, you know I love you, and the rest is history.

How would you describe your wedding day?

It was a great day really. Family, friends and colleagues came. It was just fun all the way. I was happy, dancing and also thinking. What was going through my mind was that so finally I’m going to be tagged a husband? So this is happening?

 Were you able to consummate your marriage on your wedding night?

Let me tell you one funny thing. We tried at least 90 per cent but we didn’t get it.

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