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Nationwide suppliers of breeding snails

Nationwide suppliers of breeding snails

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Arinze Onebunne

Jovana Farms encompasses a vast range of experience in the field of snail breeding and production that would have accumulated many years of work in snail farming.

Our goal is and has always been to focus on quality, not quantity, and to promote honesty, sincerity and integrity in our service to all breeders of better snails.

At Jovana Farms, we breed and raise snails naturally on free-range method to produce our high quality snail meat for events and 18 months old snail breeders suitable for people who would like to start their own snail farms. We deliver year round on our weekly route to stores, cold rooms, markets, top class restaurants, individuals and export. Our snails are several heritage breeds, including the forest snail or giant African snail (archachatina archachatina), and the forest giant snail (archachatina marginata).

We breed functional, hardy, fast growing fertile snails. We have been selectively breeding our snails for many years to produce a snail that pastures well in our natural environment with excellent taste and flavour.

Gradually, over time, this results in the improvement of the breeders. They are usually strong, fertile and prolific snails that have adapted to our climate as well as pasture and manure eating ability.

Snail meat is a delicacy and it is easier to sell. Snail meat is white meat with a difference: It is similar in taste and texture to that of seafood; but unlike seafood, it is characteristically organic. It is therefore quite clearly a preferable table meat from the health point of view and is increasingly recommended by nutritionists, especially for the elderly and people living with chronic diseases that require modified diets.

As Nigeria explores possible areas of diversifying its economy to rake in more foreign exchange, the country should take a closer look at archachatina marginata giant snails. Demand for this snail specie in the local and international market is high.

Currently, archacha-tina marginata giant breed is highly sought-after and sells like hot cake in all the local and international markets. These giant snail breeds are invertebrates that have a soft body and a covering of hard shell. They belong to the phylum mollusca. In nature they are found in forest settings, damp places under leaves, trees, stumps and stones and are abundant during the raining season. These species have the potential to get up to 240mm in length and 150mm in diameter, with 6-7 whorls.

Archachatina marginata has the advantage of high adaptability, survivability, high prolificacy, fleshier and are hardy in addition to their abundance in Nigeria and along West African countries. The giant African land snail is about the largest known land snail.  Mature adults can weigh an average of 180-300g. The West African giant snail serve an increasing important role in the tropics by virtue of its survival under captive rearing, resistance to parasite and disease, ability to accept and convert plant parts and artificial diets to flesh as well as being of high consumer preferences.

To help prospective snail farmers avoid unnecessary mistakes, Jovana Farms has embarked on nationwide seminars on animal farming for Nigerians to learn the practical details of the business in their environment. Those who cannot attend our seminars can order for our self-tutorial VCD & book, and train themselves. The primary objective is to bring this excellent opportunity to the doorstep of every Nigerian as a very sure and potent means of conquering poverty.

Superior snail breeding stock and meat

Are you looking for high quality snails, grass cutters, goat and fish in Nigeria? At Jovana Farms, we will provide you with well-bred and healthy animals, which are available at affordable prices. Whether you want to raise pedigree giant snail breeders on your farm for healthy meat, or as breeding stock, we will help.

Why choose us?

  • Competitive prices
  • Integrity
  • Air, road and sea livestock transport specialist
  • High quality specimens of the breeds
  • Almost 20 years of works in the field of animal breeding and livestock improvement
  • Well looked after, happy and healthy giant snails always on hand

Contact us for consultancy or attend Jovana Farms nationwide agro-seminars nearest to you and discover more opportunities in SNAIL production! Can’t attend? Order for Self-tutorial VCD & Book N7, 500.

Visit:, or Call: 080 33262 808, for more details. Choose also the nearest seminar venue from  our Website.

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