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Never compromise on your integrity – Tolulope Bashorun

Never compromise on your integrity – Tolulope Bashorun

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Tolulope Bashorun, 28, is a People’s Services Manager at Kimberly Ryan Limited. She speaks about her passion for human resources

What brought about your interest in human resources?

A lot of things collectively inspired my interest in human resources. I am more inspired to work when I know that I am contributing to impact the organisation as a whole. HR is important because it helps the company achieve its objectives with employees. For me, that is a major reason I am interested in HR. Also, I am great with people and I love to see them grow. I enjoy bringing people into an organisation and being responsible for making sure that they are comfortable and have no difficulty in getting started in the company. HR is not monotonous because there is always something new in dealing with different people. You need to be creative with solutions that will tackle the problem.

What schools did you attend?

I attended Corona School, Lagos, for my elementary education and Lagoon Secondary School, Lagos, for my post-elementary. Also, I did an A-level programme in Economics at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, and I have a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Warwick, United Kingdom.

As a people’s services manager, what is your job description?

I am responsible for the general wellbeing of all the employees of the company. I am also responsible for the office management, administration and executive support. I do things like establishing and maintaining clients and vendor relationship, as well as developing employees and everything that has to do with HR.

How do you ensure that you make positive impacts in your work?

Being a HR consultant, you have to be a people’s person. It is very imperative so make sure you have a positive disposition at all times. Because people come to your space and vent their situations, be it professional or personal. As a people’s service manager, I am in charge of setting and implementing HR policies so, I have to be sure that I am leading by examples. I have to be very strict with myself in areas of company policies as I cannot afford to fall short because people are watching me. Wherever I am, I have to make sure people know me as a person of great integrity.  In as much as I am a leader, I am very teachable because no one knows it all.  As a leader, you should be willing to learn from people; even your subordinates. I make sure that in whatever I do, I give my best. It is very important. People will respect you when they know that you are deliverable and committed to what you do.

What is your work history and how did it shape you into the woman you have become?

I was posted to a school during my National Youth Service Corps programme and that really impacted me. I didn’t just teach the kids; I was able to mentor them and care for them. Seeing them excel in their personal lives and academics is fulfilling.  Then, I went on to become an HR consultant in an audit firm. During my time there, I was able to acquire experience in a specific area in HR, which was compensation and benefit. I was able to grow and become more confident in my professional skills and currently, I am the people’s service manager at my company which is more general because it covers every aspect of HR.

As a young professional, what are the challenges you face in your career and how do you surpass them?

It is work-life balance. It is extremely hard to be able to balance your social and family life, especially those of us that work in Lagos. It can be really stressful but however, I would say that whatever is important to you should be ultimate. You need to be able to prioritise. Work should be work and family shouldn’t suffer but at the same time, your work should not suffer because you signed a contract so you should be able to deliver 100 per cent in your work. For me, I am married so I have to balance family with work life. Being able to keep up with things happening around us can be overwhelming but I read and it helps me. For me, I believe that in spite of all these challenges, it is important not to lose yourself.

What are your aspirations?

I want to get to the peak of my career as an HR executive. However, what is more important to me is the lives I am impacting on my way up such that my name will stand out someday.

What’s your advice for youths who want to follow your footsteps?

Pursue your dreams relentlessly and give it all you have got. Don’t let anyone discourage you or make you feel that you cannot attain your dreams. Be committed, diligent, persistent and prayerful. Above all, never compromise on your integrity. It can be hard sometimes but don’t cut corners because it doesn’t tell on you well. There are many doors that will open for you when you maintain good virtues.

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