NEW CAMON : TECNO undeniably has creative inventions in its DNA

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Africa’s leading mobile maker, TECNO in its natural self is set to crack the African telecoms market once again with the launch of the next CAMON , which is the 3rd in the Camon series and successor to the hot selling CAMON C9. The CAMON series has over the years maintained the throne as the best camera smartphone line to grace the African smartphone market sphere;so the launch of this device is a pretty big deal! 



After the success of the TECNO CAMON C9, smartphone users all over the world expects that TECNO’s next Camon release would be out-of-this world and surely TECNO did not fall short of that promise. The next Camon,comes with extra camera spices which will give users the perfect selfie experience. Comparing the next Camon with one of its predecessors TECNO Camon C8 (which was the best of its time)that boasted 13MP rear and 8MP front camera. The C8 passed on the glory to the C9 last year, which has held down the crown of the “best selfie” smartphone in Africa up until today with an amazing dual 13MP camera. It is expected like earlier mentioned, that TECNO would do all in its power to surpass the achievements of its predecessors.

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However, with the device’s outstanding 13MP or 16MP dual camera and even a rumored dual LED flash and several other unique features, it’s safe to say TECNO has been able to achieve that.

Skin Lightening Technology: A camera feature that supports toning.

Spotting several upgrades from its predecessors, the new Camon possesses a dual front flash which allows for brighter and clearer pictures even in the dark. This feature relies a lot on the dual LED flash to take very beautiful pictures and it gets rid of oily, wrinkled skin, making the pictures come out bright and sharp.

Other expected or suspected features include: fingerprint self-timer, noise reduction algorithm, four image synthesis technology and new brighten filters to help post and share worthy selfies to social networks; although we are yet to get confirmation on this exceptional features!

Hardware and Performance

The “Selfie Champ” is suspected to support a 4G LTE network, freshly out of the box android 7.0 running on an octa-core processor and supported by a 3GB RAM, you can be rest assured it has been built for speed and smooth multi-tasking.

The upcoming Camon comes with aNEG high permeability steel protective glass to reduce the rate of broken screens by 30%. A gorilla tempered glass cover to completely protect shredding by 50% against an ordinary glass,you are guaranteed to pick your device in one piece no matter the height it falls from.

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A battery capacity rumored to be about 3000-4000mAh on the next Camon with different power management features and its ability to speed up its charging time will allow its users have enough juice to snap, snap and snap even after a five-minute charge.

International launch is fast becoming a trend for the African mobile leaders. Since it launched the Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 Plus to the world at the prestigious BurjKhalifa in Dubai last September, I think TECNO Mobile has decided to live up to its premium nature by doing a back to back international launch.

Thelaunch for the new Camon is expected to hold in Nairobi Kenya on the 23rd of March 2017. In attendance, will be TECNO Global GM Stephen Ha;Transsion Holdings Vice President Mr. Xiao and Transsion CMO Mrs. Beehong Hong. 

It’s said that the next Camon will also sport a high speed processor, crisp and perfectly-sized screen display, dual-SIM 4G/LTE capability, a highly impressive camera for those selfies and video chats, a powerful battery; TECNO is also giving this device with cost-effective price in Naira.

The next Camon could be pre-ordered offline from any approved TECNO retail outlet just like the Camon C9 last year. Let’s count down together.

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