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Niger Governor, Emir laud Akinboboye over tourism development initiatives

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From right, President of Motherland Beckons, Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye; His Excellency, the deputy Governor of Kogi State, Honourable Simon Achuba; His Royal Highness, the Emir of Kotonkarfe, Mr Behzat and Dr Lutfil Simsek, during the strategy session held in Lokoja, Kogi State.

The stimulator of Motherland Beckons and President La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye has been lauded for his accomplishments and strides in the institutionalisation of indelible tourism initiatives in Africa.

The Deputy Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency Simeon Achuba  described Ambassador Akinboboye as “a hefty mahogany in the tourism forest of Africa who made Nigeria as a springboard of spreading tourism initiatives to the rest of Africa”

His Excellency Achuba made this point while receiving the Emir of Kotonkarfe, His  Royal Majesty, Alhaji Abdul Razaq Gambo  who was accompanied by  Ambassador Akinboboye and Dr Lutfil Simsek, Co-founder, ATTC, who were in his office in Lokoja recently.

He revealed  “Your Royal Majesty, I am glad that Kotonkarfe is taking the lead in community tourism development not only by reaching out to prospective investors, but by fishing out and bringing into Kogi one of the finest brains in the global tourism development and stimulator of rural tourism economy”.

The Deputy Governor said “I have been a keen admirer and follower of the progressive tourism strides of Ambassador Akinbobye right from Ikeja to Ibeju Lekki and I am impressed by his ability to turn jungle to an oasis of pleasure and swamp to luxurious sites of veneration.The story of how he, through the La Campagne  Tropicana Beach Resort raised the status of Ikegun village to an international destination is evergreen. I have also kept a tab on how the government of the Republic of Cote D’Ivoire sent a delegation to Ondo State Government for his release to help the country in its tourism drive is fresh in my memory. I am also aware of his medical tourism initiatives and the economic networking of his between Nigeria and Turkey while his various tourism initiatives in Ouidah, Ethiopia, and Ghana are testimonial of a man who God has sent to change the fortunes of tourism in Africa via Nigeria”.

Achuba expressed the appreciation of Kogi State Governor  to the Emir, Ambassador Akinboboye and Dr Simsek  for deeming it fit to stage a strategic tourism development session in the state.

He assured that he was ready to implement the outcome of the strategic discussion and ensure that the people of Kogi state reap bountifully from tourism.

In his response, Ambassador Akinboboye said “we are here not to tell a story of woe and misfortune. Prosperity, economic empowerment, accessibility to health facilities and generation of gainful opportunities are the subject of our story. We are here to sow the seed of development, water the germination of tourism economy and mobilise the wealth of the state for the greater pleasure of the rural people. We are here to stoke tourism economy”.

Dr Akinboboye who enumerated the multifarious dividends of their mission to Kogi state applauded the Emir of Kotonkarfe for being pragmatic, forward-looking and a special visionary who daily seeks the best for his town and state.

He revealed to the Deputy–Governor the mission of ATTC and the reason Simsek had to visit Kogi State, “Kogi State is central to the socio-political and economic history of Nigeria, hence, its primus inter pares status as a once host of the capital of Nigeria cannot be relegated to the background in the world history. Thus, development of Kogi state is a task that must be done”.

Ambassador Akinboboye who thanked the Deputy–Governor for taking more than a passing interest in what he has been able to do assured him of his commitment to agreed terms.

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