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Nigeria, a blessed nation

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YOUTHS, as it has been rightly said, power is never given to you until you rustle for it. That’s the real truth about power and power is leadership and politics gives birth to everything (both power & leadership).

Let the energetic, talented young guys get involved politics, you guys made the success of those there right now so why don’t you believe you can as well make the success of one another. It will be easier to talk to a fellow youth than an elder.

Instead of believing in someone else let’s believe in ourselves as we are very worthy of each and everything involved.

We have to save this country out of “National Shutdown”  or else our offsprings and breeds will be very angry and ashamed of us and our efforts in entirety.

My house is OK today doesn’t mean it will verily be the same tomorrow, so it’s due in us to make our society OK so that even the house gets broken it will always be fixed up by the standardized society either socially, financially or economically.

Imagine Nigeria cannot even host “African Cup of Nation” not to even dare mention the “World Cup”. Why? Because of our very poor security level.

Wallahi (I swear by my God) we have outstanding extraordinary homo sapiens that can make Nigeria none comparable from all around the globe ranging from Health sectors, Education sector, Journalism, Politics and Busines.

Those I know are;
In Health sector,
• Dr Oluyinka Olutoye, The Nigerian Doctor Who Operated on An Unborn Baby (23 weeks old) and Return it back safely in an American hospital where he works, he received his medical degree from  “Obafemi Awolowo College of Health Sciences, Ogun State University, now Olabisi Onabanjo University in 1988. ”

In Business and Investment,
• Aliko Dangote, the richest black man on earth and the first black-skinned to ever surface on the top 30 world Forbes list.

• Bayo Ogunlesi, the first black businessman to be honoured by the United States President, Donald Trump, by including him in his Economic Advisory Team, a team made for special, extraordinary, selected bosses to grow the United State of America.
• And many more.

This is an indication that Nigerians are naturally blessed but we’ve chosen not to appreciate it by not utilizing it but rather wailing and hailing the known wrong leaders.

Unless we stop all these unwanted selfish things, Nigeria cannot grow well even over it’s dreamed land. I do not believe we have any useless person in Nigeria as everyone useful and needed. So, let’s take Nigeria and our states on our hands drag them to our dreamed land.

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