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‘Nigeria Is Sick,’ – Lamido Blasts Buhari, APC

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant, Alhaji Sule Lamido has blasted the ruling party, the All Progresses Congress (APC) for poor performance over the past three years.

Speaking in Calabar on Wednesday while paying a courtesy visit to Governor Ben Ayade, Alhaji Lamido regretted that Nigeria now had more injuries than before.

“In 1999 we won, we had a stable economy, stable development but along the line, some people who said they are more Nigerians than others came around and formed All Progressives Congress (APC),” he said.

“The formation of APC was not based on genuine concern for Nigeria. It was based on lust for power and also to harass Nigerians.

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“APC was elected by defaults, blackmail and threat. APC was fraudulent”, he alleged, adding that in the North, “we were seen as an infidel. Three years of APC governance, we have not only had Boko Haram problem but hunger Haram, harassment and killing.

“We also had a recession. We had more killings in Hausa communities, Benue, Rivers, Zamfara and others under APC government”.

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On corruption, he said those who left the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to join APC were saints while those that remained were considered to be thieves.

On economy, he said for 16 years PDP incurred debt of N9 trillion but in the three years of APC they incurred N20 trillion.

“For 16 years, we incurred a debt of N9 trillion but in the three years of APC they incurred N20 trillion.

“This country belongs to all of us, but today Nigeria is sick, Nigeria has been hijacked, Nigeria is ruled with fear, intimidation and blackmail, if you talk, they go after you.

“But thank God, today we are all willing to run away from this kind of governance. I am here to share with you this common concern.

“Are we more united, more serious and are we more prosperous? Are we happier? We are not, that is a simple truth, the trust we have among ourselves is gone.

“APC lacks the capacity to govern Nigeria, there is killing all over, we have to wake up because we are having global embarrassment.

“Today, we have killing, nepotism, high handedness, corruption, so if this trend continues into 2019 and APC remain beyond that, this country will seize to exist,” he said.

The Presidential aspirant told Governor Ben Ayade, “We have to decide on how to restore this past glory, restore our common unity.”

“We have to remove these people because APC has no idea to rule this country and they are bankrupt. The APC is using our projects to showcase themselves, our airport, our rails our road etc, we have to remove these people, they are liars” he emphasized.

In a remark, Governor Ben Ayade regretted that Federal Government was not treating his people well, stressing “Our state does not benefit from NDDC projects, and we plead with the Federal Government to look into the plight of the people.”

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