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Nigeria needs credible leaders

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Nigeria, Nigerian IPOB, herdsmen and the Nigerian nationThree years ago, Nigerians in their millions went out to give the All Progressive Congress (APC), an opposition party then the required edge to send the ruling Peoples Democratic Party out of power. But now 2018, a year to the 2019 general elections; security,  economy and the anti corruption slogan which was the basis of the APC campaign are all woefully undertaken.

And up till now, we as Nigerians refused to speak out due to fear of imprisonment. I think it is time and I am ready to dare speak out and say it the way it is.

On finance, let’s forget  all staged awards being used to deceive Nigerians; think of the high debt portfolio in all 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory which runs to around 21trillion. Buhari and his people should leave when the ovation is loudest.

He should not be like Mugabe and Ghadaffi who were disgraced because his defeat will be 100 per cent if things continue this way. No right thinking individual will vote him back to office with the high rate of unemployment despite millions of graduates produced annually.

What is certain is that the next generation will not forget nor forgive the leaders both past and present that brought the country to this precipice.

One cannot but remember the era of late Gen Muritala Mohammed; his six months in power before his unexpected assassination was one of the best as people enjoyed to the fullest all the benefits a citizen should get. It seems we do not like good leaders in Nigeria, Why?

Buhari should go and rest and give young, intelligent Nigerian youths chance to take over, we don’t want to be slaves to worthless slogans that lack focus or plan of proper implementation. USA, UK, Spain, France, Japan and Singapore as well as other nations make human resource development plans to help them grow. Nigerians must wakeup from slumber and be wiser than these political parties as they are all the same. It is time to forget parties and unite to vote credible leaders like the France president to lead us out of our present Egypt to the promise land in 2019

  • Adeyemi Adegbenga Abayomi, Oworonsoki, Lagos.



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