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Nigeria to acquire more equipment to tackle insecurity, says Buhari

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Buhari steps out of the aircraft in Kaduna on a condolence visit.

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday said the government would acquire equipment to protect citizens and combat insecurity in the country.

Buhari, who spoke during his condolence visit to Kaduna state called on residents of the state to ensure peace.

Kaduna was under attack on Friday, October 9, which claimed lives of over 50 persons. The attack prompted the state governor Nasir El Rufai to impose a 24-hour curfew on residents on two occasions.

Despite the curfew, the attacks still continued two days after the initial one, but Buhari has assured the residents that the government was doing everything possible to ensure the security of lives and properties.

“The Federal Government will continue to work to ensure that more security assets are recruited and deployed across the country to protect all citizens going about their lawful business and to reinforce the authority of the government,” Buhari said.

“It is my earnest appeal to all who call Kaduna home to do their best to uphold peace in their respective communities. Chaos and anarchy tend to worsen and exacerbate whatever issues are agitating a community.”

To prevent further occurrences, Buhari said more police divisions, civil defence offices with equipment will be provided to curb insecurity in the state.

“In this light, the Federal Government welcomes the decision of the Kaduna State Government and its local governments to build and provide facilities for the take-off of more police divisions and civil defence offices in the state.”

“The Federal Government commends the efforts of the Kaduna State Government in responding to and managing the crisis. More Federal Security assets are being provided at the request of the Kaduna State Government to help uphold and keep the peace.”

The president also urged citizens “to be law-abiding in their conduct and within their communities.” He noted that “There is a need to avoid violence as a tool of negotiation or obtaining the advantage, and learn to listen to each other and commit to resolving differences through peaceful means.”

Buhari also assured the state residents of justice and that due punishment will be meted to the perpetrators of the violent attacks.

“The Federal Government will take strongest measures possible to punish perpetrators of these crimes. If in the past, they got away scot-free, we shall now hold everyone to account for these latest killings.”

Buhari urged the state government to expand equality of opportunity, promoting job creation and upholding law and order to prevent further crisis.

“You have a partner in the Federal Government that stands ready to provide concrete support not only to Kaduna but all states to help address the poverty and inequality that fuels some of these recurrent crises,” Buhari said.

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