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Nigerian celebrities to FG: Stop this harvest of deaths now!

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celebrities Peeved by the wave of what it described as avoid able disasters and killings that have beset the country in the last few weeks, with the recent Plataeu massacre that left over 100 dead and tanker explosion that killed more than 10 people at the Otedola bridge Lagos on Thursday, prominent Nigerian celebrities have expressed their sadness and berated the Federal Government over its failure to protect lives of its citzens.

The celebrities who took to their social media accounts on Thursday and Friday respectively flay the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration for handling the issue of security in the country with kid gloves even as celebrities expressed their sympathy and extended condolences to families of the victims.

Leading the deluge of messages of the celebrities on social media platforms, Comedian and motivational speaker, Ali Baba, said many Nigerians keep dying because of avoidable precautions and failure to create policies and laws that have consequences that could have detered tankers from being on the road, adding that “lawmakers don’t make care. The executives no send and the Judiciary is not jailing them.”

Ali Baba added that in organised societies, where traffic is a major issue, tankers and heavy duty vehicles move at night or at specified times.

Also lending his voice to the issue, actor, Alex Ekubo, said living in Nigeria has become an unending episode of series of unfortunate events where people could not seem to catch a break. Ekubo who turned 32 years old in April said he had never experienced steady power supply, adding that the people have continued to suffer the tragedy of foisted leaders.

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“Leaders in my country constantly tell us that we are the leaders of tomorrow, yet 80 and above still cling to power like its their oxygen tank. We are led by a President who went on international television to call the youth of his country lazy, underserving and uneducated.”

Ekubo further expressed his sadness at how a cow has equal or more rights that human beings, just as he wondered why a state of emergency has not been declared in states where herdsmen have constantly wrecked havoc,” he asked.

Calling on Nigerians within and outside the country to commence what she called Black Friday Actions, popular actress, Kate Henshaw bemoaned the killings of both Muslims and Chritians and wanton destruction of properties.

“It is time to stand up act. Prayers without actions amount to nothing

Tiwa Savage also wrote, saying; “I usually don’t like posting pictures like this but how many more lives before we all truly do something to save Nigeria. May the soul of the departed rest in peace.”

Actress, Lizzy Anjorin in her post said it was sad that if the killings continue, 2019 elections may be dicey, adding that “If they continue to slaugther all of us, who will vote when elections come next year,” she queried.

In Olamide’s words, “We are all in this mess together. We have to hold our politicians accountable for every kobo spent. The era when we look away was over, but as from now on, everybody’s voice must be heard. This is democracy.”

Yemi Alade also added her voice too when she penned her thoughts saying; “Please be safe. Lagos, our thoughts and prayers are with all the families that lost loved ones today. This too shall pass in Jesus name.

Toyin Abraham was also not left out; “Please say a prayer for victims and casualties. May God heal our land,” she wrote on Instagram.

Actor turned politician, Desmond Eliot, wrote on his Instagram handle: “I cannot tell what is going on, but these much I know something isn’t right somewhere. We need to pray for our land. The calamity is too much in one week, so many lives lost. Lord have mercy on your people. Many children are not seeing their fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles. Many left homes and never returned. Lord have peace mearcy! Peace in the land…North, South East and West. Lord Pour out your peace upon us once again…”l

Gospel singer, Tosin Martins,  expressed his worry over the current situation of the country. He wrote: It is a heart-breaking incident which brought to a head the myriad of painful events over the past few days in Nigeria. Mine is becoming a country wherein one cannot even celebrate in peace no matter the milestone (40). I will go on with the motion of things already set. However, these times weigh heavily in my heart…

Jaiye Kuti also lamented saying “The situation of the country is getting worse and things are becoming terrible. The killings and burnings are becoming unbearable. So, we must not wait before it affects us all. We need to act fast and pray against all these problems,” she added.

Slimcase also expressed his displeasure of the situation of the country with a captivating inscription of blood splash on Nigeria’s coat of arm, just as he wrote “Nigeria is bloody”.

Oshadipe Kehinde wrote: “I was still thinking of how to put my thoughts together about the Plateau massacre, and then the Lagos incident surfaced. Honestly, I am tired of praying for Nigeria when I know the source of the problem. May all the people responsible for the unnecessary loss of lives, properties, disappointments, unempolyments, low life, and evil in Nigeria experience the worst evil on earth. I am very angry and sad. There are too many evil people running the affairs of the nation. Please, God avenge the death of the innocents as their blood continually cries to you. May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

Tope Alabi, who seems to be short of words, said: “God have mercy on us in Nigeria,” with the video of the Lagos incident.

Chesan Eze wrote one her Instagram handle: “I cry as I write this. We are not safe anymore in our country, Nigeria. What is happening? Why all these killings?”

Maheeda lamented over the Lagos incident as she wrote alongside some of the gory pictures of the Lagos fire explosion: “I’m still very sad. Give me some time Nigeria. P.I.P to all gone… I am afraid if Nigerian citizens are waiting for the worse before they fight back.”

Sammie Okposo in his own take wrote: “Oh God have mercy on Nigeria; let peace reign. We pray for the souls of the departed to rest in peace. Comfort the families of the departed. Heal our hearts, and our lands, oh Lord.”

Donjazzy left a question on his timeline over what the country   experienced in the last one week, saying, “God is not happy with us as a country and we know why. What do we do now?”

Yvonne Jegede expressed her grievance, while she wrote on her Instagram page that, “This is not a spiritual problem. No country in this world prays more than Nigerians. We need to take actions…Will it have been better if a convoy of one of our esteemed leaders was on that bridge when the fire broke out? Will proper measures be taken immediately?”

Simi wrote: “If there are no consequences, we all need to break something. If wicked people get away with their wickedness, other wicked people become confident in their wickedness…God has not given us the spirit of fear. Let us hold the government accountable. Let’s hold ourselves accountable.”

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