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Nigerian women urged to be “Unstoppable” as WIMBIZ convenes 17th annual conference

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Ahead of the 17th annual 2-day conference of the Women in Management, Business and Public Service, WIMBIZ, which kicks-off today at the Eko Conference Centre in Lagos, Executive Director of the organisation, Hansatu Adegbite, spoke exclusively to Woman’s Own. The University of Abuja graduate of Business Administration who also holds an Action Learning Masters in same field from the Business School, Netherlands, who spoke alongside the first-ever female Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Director of Finance, Tope Omage, the Abuja Coordinator for WIMBIZ, emphasised the rationale behind the conference’s 2018 theme, ‘Reinvent…Reinvigorate’, among sundry issues. Excerpts:

Give an overview of this year’s conference

We live in an era where there is a heightened need for relevance and revalidation; a time when nothing and no one is ‘irreplaceable’. The world is metamorphosing at the speed of light and as a result, we as humans begin to question our efficiency, abilities and knowledge base. The WIMBIZ 17th Annual Conference is focused on equipping delegates with transformational concepts on how to stay on the right track with regards to self-development.

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With reinvention and reinvigoration as the core focus areas, this year’s conference will explore the relationship between physical and mental wellbeing and how these play into our overall career success. Speakers will draw upon their experience and personal journeys to share tips on leadership, overcoming obstacles and staying relevant in the ever-evolving sphere of work.

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What message are women expected to take home from the Annual Conference?

Each session has been carefully tailored to provide impactful insight on topics critical to positive outcomes in life. The conference will inspire individuals to invest in themselves as well as other people, hence encouraging greater resilience and a healthy dose of self-esteem.

At the end of the conference, it is expected that delegates will leave with new ideas on how to unlock the potential in their professional lives on a national and global scale.

How timely is the theme ‘Unstoppable You, Reinvent and Reinvigorate”, especially with the warnings of another looming recession the country might probably face?

In the light of the warning of another looming recession, the theme of the conference couldn’t have come at a better time. Women need to realise the value they contribute to nation building. This is the time for the female gender to unleash the value they carry and the Conference will give so much insight on how unstoppable the female gender is.

What are likely loopholes the organization would be addressing during the seminar?

The conference features a plethora of sessions divided into plenaries and deep dives aimed at addressing and proffering solutions to loopholes that cut across Leadership, Technology, Mental Wellness, Work Life Balance, Personal Finance and Business Branding among others.

The organisation has come a long way in ensuring women remain in active business. Highlight some of the grey areas of need to be addressed

Business Branding, technology, effective communication, funding and finance

With the goal to enhance the knowledge of what it takes to be unstoppable, what should women be doing differently to create a desire and encourage resilience to continually reinvent and reinvigorate to step out and take charge of their world?

Women should collaborate more, by sharing ideas and working together for the common good of all. As natural nation builders, we should continuously encourage the attitude of connecting,  empowering and inspiring each other, to promote a generation of resilient women ever ready to reinvent themselves in a changing world.

Women are said to be their own enemies especially in not supporting themselves. How can this narrative be changed?

This is a different story for us at WIMBIZ as all our programs are geared towards inspiring women to make a positive impact and contribute to nation and the only way to achieve is to be of help to every woman you come across, hence we leave no room for enmity.

What strategy would be employed in order to take the message to the market women on the street?

As we prepare women for leadership, we groom them to realise the need to make a positive impact and leave a lasting legacy that will make a sustainable impact on women at the grassroot. We create a platform for every woman to key into rather than pick segments. We also catch young ones with our Big Sister Program (BSP) and our Winning Without Compromise (WIWIC) program for female undergraduate students.

Highlight WIMBIZ’s positive influence compared to other women organisations which makes it stand the test of time

The impact of our programs on women has been remarkable and has tremendously increased our influence as an organisation in the following ways:

We have successfully nominated/placed women on Boards of publicly quoted companies, thereby reducing the gender disparity on Boards through the WIMBoard program

Lastly, our vision, mission and the practice of our core values have kept us together through the years and have distinguished from other organisations.

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