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Nigerians Troll Teebillz After Wizkid and Tiwa Savage Get Romantic in “Fever”

Nigerians Troll Teebillz After Wizkid and Tiwa Savage Get Romantic in “Fever”

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The real thing or not, it seems that Wizkid and Tiwa Savage may have confirmed their relationship in the recently released video Fever. While some Nigerians are unbothered by the video which seemed a little too romantic, Teebillz, a lot more Nigerians are more concerned about Teebillz.

Teebillz had, in September, put an end to the relationship rumours between the two when he stated on his Instagram in a later deleted post,

“Whether you like it or not Ayo is my little brother and he knows not to cross me on blood Gang… My Big Homie Sauce kid aka Sinzu guaranteed me on that even though he’s my blood. Don Jazzy will never allow that!”

He went on, “But 4real on Jamil#!!!!! Tiwa will never disrespect me like That!!! F**K your opinion on them!!!! @tiwasavage@wizkidayo keep giving us that.”

Tiwa had also said in an interview that she has “grown a thick skin, so certain rumours or insinuations don’t get to me again.”

After the steamy video with captivating visuals where Tiwa Savage plays a video vixen, Teebillz may have to swallow his words because Nigerians have armed themselves to ask him questions like the average Nigerian parent:

Teebillz : Wizkid is my kid bro,he can’t do anything with my Tiwa

a few moments later*

Wizzy:Tiwa,say my name

Tiwa:Starr boyy

Wizzy:I can’t hear u😩

Tiwa:Daddy yo

Wizzy:You loyal

Come sit on daddy nd wear Tife’s chain

Teebillz:There’s stew in my eyes o😭

Everywhere stewwww

— Tega🔥 (@ehte_) October 24, 2018

Is that Bolu’s chain Tiwa is wearing?

— Buen Chico (@Monsiuer_T) October 24, 2018

Wizkid cooked pepper Stew for Tee Bilz and Tiwa was the one who grinded the 🌶

🙆 Someone should check Tee Bilz’s temperature,man must be having Fever right now 🤒

— uncleolisa Rn (@Duks_OG) October 24, 2018

When wizkid walks past tee billz

— AJ | Adonai Jonathan (@Mrmanhere_) October 24, 2018

WizkId is dismantling all the rules in the bro code. Examples,

Rule 222: Thou shalt not turn thy bros wife/ex-wife into a video vixen.

Rule:112 : Thy bros wife/ex shall at all times be stayed away from, no sex or appearance of sexual attitude will be expressed towards them.

— Oluniyi Gates (@oluwapower) October 24, 2018

Teebillz had edible catering , Wizkid now used tiwa as the stew in his own fever video 😭😂

— DADDY THE FATHER (@SemiloooreAkoni) October 24, 2018

That’s how Wizkid was just touching Tiwa everywhere

— A Queen (@_Sleekie) October 24, 2018

This might as well be a PR stunt:

What Tiwa and wizkid did is none of our business tbh… they are both matured and knows what’s best for them..

They want to sell fever.. they know the best thing to do.. and they did it.

They want people to talk.. now we are all talking ..

Perfect PR

— #GiveAGirlChildAPad (@thepamilerin) October 24, 2018

I still dont think Wizkid & Tiwa are doing anything tho. Proper PR stunt to keep mouths talking & Teebillz added more fuel to the gist. Is there any bigger story that would sell more than the Biggest Male & Female Acts in Africa Romancing? Think Not!!!

— KinG NomSo👑 (@ani_nomso) October 24, 2018

Either this is a rumour or they will “keep giving us that”, you know.

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