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Nigeria’s Personal Well-Being Index drops by 2.3-points in Q3’18

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By Udeme Akpan

THE NOIPolls Personal Well-Being Index (PWBI) recorded a 2.3 points decline of in the third quarter of 2018, Q3’18 to stand at 62.9 points as against 65.2 points obtained in the previous quarter, Q2’18.

The NOIPolls Personal Wellbeing Index measures the satisfaction of respondents on various aspects of their lives and a decline in these indices indicates a general dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs around them.

In its latest report obtained by Vanguard, NOIPolls stated: “Six of the seven factors that constitute the PWBI experienced a decline except the achievement index which experienced a marginal increase.

“The highest decline was seen in the Economic Index with a 4.9-points decline to stand at 37.1-points from the 42.0-points obtained in Q2’18, this slight decrease corroborates the NOIPolls’ Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) Q3’18 report recently released which revealed a 6.2-point decline from the result obtained in Q2 2018.”

It stated further: “The Personal Security Index saw the second highest decline of 3.8-points to stand at 59.7-points in Q3’18 from 63.5-points obtained in Q2’18. The reason for this further drop in the Personal Security Index could be attributed to the series of security breaches across the length and breadth of the country which require urgent and stringent steps to contain”.

In February 2014, NOIPolls Limited introduced its portfolio of indices; the NOIPolls Personal Well-Being Index (PWBI), the NOIPolls Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) and the NOIPolls Eagle 30 Business Confidence Index (EBCI). The NOIPolls Personal Well-Being Index measures factors impacting on the lives of everyday Nigerians; thereby producing a complete view of the individual’s personal well-being.

The NOIPolls Consumer Confidence Index provides consumer assessments of the economic situation and their intentions and expectations for the future. The NOIPolls Eagle 30 Business Confidence Index measures business leaders’ perceptions and expectations about the Nigerian business environment using the top 30 companies in the country.

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