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Nkire defects from APC to PDP

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Deputy National Chairman (South) of the Reformed All Progressives Congress (R-APC), Chief Sam Nkire, has declared his support for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

In a statement in Umuahia, Nkire said he decided to join forces with the PDP because he was convinced that Nigerians want the party back to serve them better.

Nkire also said he had no regrets leaving the APC for the R-APC, and now the PDP, adding that it was regrettable to note that the APC had left the country worse than it met it.

The former member of the APC’s Board of Trustees used the opportunity to call on all his loyalists, followers asking him for political direction, especially in Abia State, to now follow him to the PDP.

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Nkire, who was national chairman of the Progressive People’s Alliance (PPA), said the PDP was the only hope Nigeria has to solve the numerous security, economic and political problems bedevilling it today.

He said PDP had learnt from its past mistakes, while appealing to every Nigerian of voting age yet to get a voter’s card to endeavour to get one, “to ensure that we are governed by those we can trust.”

He particularly appealed to all former members of the PDP and the PPA, who followed him to the APC to return to PDP, while assuring them that “PDP is now a new, reformed and restructured party ready to serve Nigerians better.”

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