NOC assures sports federations election will hold in May

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THE Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) has assured Nigerians  that elections into the various sports federations would hold not later than May.

The Secretary-General of (NOC), Tunde Popoola said in Lagos Monday that the tenure of the incumbent board members would expire between March and April.

Tunde Popoola

“The elections will hold shortly because prolonging it will be doing a lot of injustice to the terms of their offices. Nothing actually is delaying it, it’s just the logistics. We are going through a process which is not exactly new but want to use the best practices in conducting it.

“The election will witness a change from the usual norm in the past. We want to ensure that the election is a good one and we are not rushing to get it conducted,” he said. Popoola said that the idea was that at the end of this election, there will be a template for use at subsequent elections.

“We are actually not running out of time, so we’re not rushing. Ordinarily the election should be conducted by April ending.

“The Minister for Youth and Sports and the NOC are trying to see how we can meet with sports federations’ presidents on how best the election can be conducted.

“They are stakeholders and we need to hear them out and have their inputs,” he said.

The former hockey player said that there’s really nothing out of the norm that was coming into the elections.

“We want the federations to conduct the elections themselves with the NOC, and National Sports Commission playing just supervisory roles and guiding if necessary. The constitutions of each federation would be used in conducting its election.”

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