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Not enough male attention

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Dear Bunmi,

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been very comfortable in male company. Whenever we get together, they tell me they can’t believe that I’m still single.

I’m 29, cute, I work out a lot and would rather hang out with the guys than go shopping or to silly parties with the girls.

So, with all these good stuffs going for me, what’s stopping me from getting hitched?

Laraba, By e-mail.

Dear Laraba,

You might be cute with a hot body but it’s not cool to be one of the boys! If your male friends really think any man would go for a hot chick like you who drinks them under the table, why aren’t any of them going for you?

The fact is that most men prefer women who are coy. They like being teased about their sports obsession and not their excessive beer consumption, and they secretly like the fact that girls enjoy more feminine pursuits like shopping or cooking!

Common interests are great, and men are impressed when a girl knows what a banana kick is, but that doesn’t mean they want to high-five you every time their favourite team scores!

I’m not asking you to change. You sound like a cool lady, and there are definitely men out there who are into girls who love sports. Besides, it is far better to be yourself and find a sports freak who digs you than to pretend to be a girlie girl for someone who wouldn’t be able to handle who you really are.

Just know that, contrary to what your male friends tell you, it might take a little longer to find that special someone while you’re roughening it with them on the sports field.

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