Of Google search and students

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I want to use this medium to call the attention of teachers at all levels of education to how students have become lazy researchers due to their dependency on Google  search for their academic work.

Many students now depend on their mobile phones and computers to solve simple questions given to them at school.

This situation is becoming even more worrisome as students now run to their mobile phones or cyber cafes before they can solve simple arithmetic problems.

Every assignment is now being downloaded from Google  searching  just to earn marks.

Something happened some years back whereby a student was copying answers from the internet.

After writing the answer, he saw something at the bottom which was “For more information, click here.” The student wrote it and submitted it to the teacher.

He actually did copy and paste. Students don’t want to go to the library any longer to study hard; they believe that their mobile phones will surely help them .

Over-reliance on Google is a common thing. The truth is that Google search would not aid their academic development.

Lecturers, teachers and student trainers at all levels of education should ensure proper check up on the students and also discourage them from downloading answers from the internet to submit for their class assignments.

 Blessing Abiodun

Eruwa, Oyo State


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