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Ohanaeze accuses FG of double standard: IPoB proscribed; killer herdsmen, sponsors walk free 

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By Dennis Agbo

ENUGU – PRESIDENT General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, has stated that the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPoB, and to a very large extent, Ndigbo, were annoyed with Nigeria’s rulership style that pampers a ‘favoured’ section of the country but is brutish to a lesser one.



Nwodo elucidated his statement by pointing at the kid gloves that the Miyette-Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, MACBAN, is being treated with, while some other less troublesome organisations – one of which is IPoB – were proscribed and hounded with heavy military artillery.

Nwodo’s speech came in reaction to the court ordered release of 122 IPoB women in Owerri, Imo state, on Friday.

Nwodo said he salutes the Judiciary for allowing reason and respect for human rights prevail on the matter.

The Ohanaeze leader, who is recuperating abroad after a mild surgery, warned Igbos against shooting themselves on the foot no matter the provocation.

In a statement he personally signed, Nwodo said that Ohanaeze is pleased that reason and respect for human rights prevailed and that a little over one hundred women who were exercising their fundamental human rights could not conceivably be any threat to peace in Imo State.

He said: “I salute the courage of the Imo State Judiciary and the professionalism of the State Attorney General. Never again shall we, Igbos, at this critical time, shoot ourselves again on the foot. No matter how provocative, incendiary and unruly IPoB may be, they are our children. Aggrieved children can sometimes lose their guard.”

Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Nwodo urged Imo State Government to demonstrate some restraint in the future.

“Here are young people described as terrorists for daring to speak out in the face of degradation, marginalisation and inhuman treatment.

“While they are proscribed,   Fulani herdsmen and their (alleged) sponsors, Meyetti Allah, move about freely, reeling out new threats, occupying Southern and Middle Belt farms forcibly, with the law enforcement agents either (allegedly) aiding them or intentionally looking away.

“Churches are invaded, priests killed yet no one is arrested. Thousands are killed, thousands are rendered homeless, no one cares.   IDPS are established only when the displaced come from a favoured section of the country”, he said.

The Igbo leader also recalled that “Boko Haram loot, plunder and kidnap, but the government negotiates with them spending unappropriated and undisclosed sums!   Yet, IPoB is proscribed for just speaking up. Arewa youths spoke treason and were defended by governors and treated with privilege!

“No wonder our security chiefs are appointed on the basis of where they come from. Any Igbo who is not angry at the situation in the country today must have his head re-examined.

“Now, they contemplate Operation Python Dance 3 without dealing with the carnage of Operation Python dance 2 where UN rules of engagement were flagrantly violated. Who won’t be angry under these circumstances? he asked.

Nnia Nwodo, President-General of Ohanaeze

The Ohanaeze leader admonished Governor Rochas Okorocha not to allow his anger at IPoB’s verbal provocations override his paternity.

“Borrow a leaf from me”, Nwodo said.   “I am abroad and emerging from theatre for a mild surgery and I have read how it is being said that Ohanaeze and the South East governors masterminded you to detain our sisters; but note that the false propaganda did not stop me from directing Ohanaeze National Publicity Secretary to condemn the detention.

“The provocation, double standard, and subjection to servitude far outweigh the denigration their false propaganda subject us to.

“Ndigbo anam asi “ozor emezina” (enough is enough).

Nwodo also warned against over- stretching the peoples endurance limit, saying “May our endurance not be stretched to the point where it challenges Hooke’s law on elastic limit.”

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