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Only truth and sincerity can save Nigeria says Gen. Tarfa

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President Muhammadu Buhari<br />

Major General Chabri Tarfa has urged the leadership of the country to abide by the truth and be sincere with the Nations affairs to attain a robust growth and development nationwide.

Tarfa who said this yesterday in Abuja at his book launch titled ‘let the truth be told’, stated that the essence of the book was was to make Nigerians look back to the history of the country and realise that so many things has gone wrong in the country.

He said: ” inside that book what i try to express is that only truth can see us through that is the inspiration, there are so many things that are been said, even if people know the truth they will rather choose the wrong path to enrich themselves. I think we need the truth which is what we refused to accept”

“Talking about the reason for this book, it is about our history, for us to know our past, many things have gone wrong, many things are also good, this country is blessed with so much with talents and resources instead of making the best use out of it, we prefer using them for wrong reasons , people have refused to believe the truth and I believe that if we want to live together, if we want to understand ourselves, if we want to be generous we must understand we’re we have gone wrong and accept it and only the truth can take us to that height”. Tarfa said.

According to the retired general,The way forward is to believe in what is right, adding, “if I say you are a thief and the next man knows you are a thief there is no reason condemning me to say I am telling lie. if you come into my house and find billions of dollars in my bedroom or in the toilets and somebody say it was found in my house and another person is saying is not true, this things are not right”. he added.

He disclosed that the military in those days were not as many compared to what the country has now but were more disciplined and efficient.

“But today because of circumstances beyond our control it multiplied almost a thousand times, we were only 10 thousand then. There are better educated but they are not more efficient. they are more leaned by book way but not more efficient than what we were. love the country first and foremost, and to be sincere”.

On his part, the commander of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Adeniyi Oyebade blamed country’s underdevelopment on religious and tribal sentiment, urging youths to be committed to the country and focus on developing the country.

“We cannot be more religious than other bigger countries in the world, India today is the second most populated country in the world after China and it has so many religion. it has Islam, Christian and others and some of the kind of things we see within Nigeria for the last 50 years you don’t see them in those countries, they are one people and that is the most important thing.

“Discipline, commitment to the country, dedication to the country, be very good at what you do, be professional and above all we must eschew religious and tribal sentiments because it will take us nowhere”

“Once Nigerians realize that and continue to come together as one people our development will begin and most importantly for all is that this country belongs to everybody and everybody has a critical role to play and that is the mantra that the President has been preaching since he assumed the leadership of the country and that is the basis of our continuous progress”.


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