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[OPINION] Like Jesus, Like Me By Charly Boy

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I have encountered a Radical Awakening. An Awakening means you’ve come home to yourself; that consciousness has shifted back to its original nature.

Three Gbosa for the man wey don dey remote me, one who broke all the rules and opposed the reigning culture of violence with his inner peace and love for his enemies. E no easy. Yes oo! This piece is about my radical Jesus, a determined and compassionate revolutionary.

All my life I had always gravitated towards spiritual people and spiritual things. I have always known that life hides a deeper meaning than some of our pedestrian perceptions. Sometimes, I hear some people talk about Jesus as if they know him like I do. I just dey look, because I know that they know not what I know. Yes.

Charly Boy at Christ Embassy

No doubt, light attracts light. For the past forty years, I have been dedicated to one sublime cause; the cause for a free and fair society where everyone is a stakeholder. I have always desired for nothing more than a society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, regardless of what they have or who they are.

As fate would have it, I carry body join my sons and daughters; my comrades wey we been dey do the OurMumuDonDo struggle together, sey make we enter Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. a.k.a. Christ Embassy, to conscientize the congregation. It was my first time. Interestingly, I connected with the Regional pastor of Christ Embassy, Abuja; Reverend Tom Amenkhienan in an extraordinary way that could only be divine. In all honesty, I was Teary eye when I got to learn about the massive humanitarian work the church had done over the years, and the incredibly magnificent ones it is planning to do. Pastor Tom once again knocked me back on track. I believe that God has perfected the plan to rescue Nigeria through the OurMumuDonDo Movement. It was a divine encounter for me.

I have always maintained that God gave each and everyone of us a gift, and not until we connect to God’s purpose can we live our lives on purpose. I may have fallen off the track more than a few times, but I have always remained focused on my purpose as authored by God. My love for the exceptional Nigerian youths has not only kept me youthful, but has also kept me useful. I have mentored many and have inspired a generation, no demo.

I have a few things in common with this man from Nazareth. You can safely say that I am intrigued by Jesus, his life and his works. Believe me, it has nothing to do with being born again. So don’t get it twisted. Jesus is real, authentic, and ever-relevant. He spoke with honesty. He was a man on a mission. He was a radical, a revolutionary, yet tender, kind and loving. He was so misunderstood. He was doing things completely against the rules of the day. He was a troublemaker for the religious elite, the rulers, the war-making empire, and the establishment. Isn’t it a daring proposal with radical implications, a man who commanded his people to love their enemies? Sadly, we have not lived by the principles of Jesus.

Let me say this, I don’t trust most pastors, I don’t trust most Christians, But I trust the man Jesus. It is my contention that Jesus did not die for us (contrary to the Catholic church), instead, he lived for us for he was indeed a determined revolutionary and an evolutionary forerunner for a state of love and soul consciousness which is also deepest within each one of us, no matter the gragra.

I live for the Nigerian youths and the freedom of the suffering peoples, just like Jesus lives(sic) for the salvation of humanity.

Everywhere that Jesus went after his 18 years sabbatical, the decadent Roman people were threatened by his teachings and rebelled against his message of love, inner freedom and individual power. Today, Jesus would be considered not only a rebel, but also a terrorist, and if not a terrorist, most certainly a threat to the status quo, as he scathingly was 2000 years ago. I am happy that the truth I speak, upsets a lot of people, especially those yeye riffraff wey miss road enter leadership. I cannot and will not stop. And I really don’t mind taking a bullet for the Nigerian youths if that will free dem from der mumurization.

Jesus represents the transition from an externalized old testament God of wrath and judgment to an internalized new testament God of love and a state of soul consciousness.
I Twale For my Jesus!!!
No try me ooooo!!!!!!!

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