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OSUN RE- RUN; PDP in South West kick, alleges compromised by the Security Agencies

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BY Dayo Johnson

THE Peoples Democratic Party in the South West yesterday said that the Osun re- run governorship was compromised majorly by the Security Agencies mobilized to maintain law and order.

OSUN ELECTION—Policemen trying to keep off PDP supporters protesting at the INEC office over the inconclusive result of the Osun governorship election, yesterday. Photo: Dare Fasube.

A statement issued by the Zonal Publicity Secretary of the party in the South West, Ayo Fadaka said “We note very disappointingly that the on going election in Osun is already being compromised majorly by the Security Agencies mobilized to maintain law and order.

Osun poll rerun: finishing a good job

“It is disappointing to note that unnecessary leverage has been accorded to the APC as its thugs have unfettered movement and capabilities to perpetrate all lawlessness.

” lt is surprising that in this election, agents of PDP have been clearly disallowed from discharging their responsibilities, they were precluded from operating in Orolu and Ife South.

“In Orolu particularly, thugs have been assaulting and intimidating residents since Monday and all reports of these incidents have not been addressed by the Police.

” Absolutely sad it is to declare that the PDP Youth Leader in Ife South has been killed alongside another pregnant woman who suffered the same fate for insisting that she must be allowed to exercise her voting right independently.

“It is terrible to note that journalists and election observers have been harassed and arrested in this election by security agencies, this is absolutely disheartening.

“We are however pleased to note that INEC has expressed its displeasure over the conduct of this re-run election, we however place the entire blame of this charade on its doorstep as it has abdicated its umpire role and descended into the fray.

” Therefore we state most unequivocally that the results of this election has been predetermined and as such cannot be acceptable to us as a Party because it is not free and fair.

“We must remind the APC Government of President Muhammadu Buhari that we are in a democracy where votes must count and not a dictatorship, the terms of engagement for security agencies under the Buhari administration seems to be tailored towards lending a helping hand to the APC in every election and this is disappointing.

Osun poll rerun: finishing a good job

“We therefore reject outrightly whatever results that will emanate from this obvious sham going on in Osun, it is a coup against democracy, we also wish to urge all Nigerians to take a serious view of this odious development in Osun.

“Buhari became President because the preceding Jonathan administration observed all the tenets of democracy and played by the rules, every election conducted under the Buhari administration have all been compromised as electoral fraud characterized them all.

“We arrived at this current destination in Osun because INEC permitted sharp practices to rob the PDP of about 4,387 votes while allocating another unearned 3,487 votes to APC, this is indeed a sad period in our national life.

“We however wish to remind the President and his Party that Nigeria as a nation cannot be bogged down by this narrow minded actions.

” We believe that the judiciary in Nigeria remain credible and it will certainly adjudicate in this matter, the victory they hope to snatch through this cheap action will eventually be returned to the rightful owner.

Fadaka said “We are also happy that Nigerians are beginning to see the APC for what it truly represents. End

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