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Osun West should produce next governor

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Osun The atmosphere in Osun State is charged at present and political gladiators are now busy jostling for the seat of the number one man; there are lots of politicking, intrigues, machinations, political calculations, permutations, money and power play as tools to checkmate political rivals within each of the political parties and between political parties.

And beneath these lies the permanent interests of the state – long, medium and short terms; on the other hand is the personal, selfish motives of aspirants, their political godfathers within the state and particularly from outside the state.

The people of the state of Osun have resolved to elect only a politician whose priority is the welfare of the people, who has required experience, expertise, well withal to evenly develop the state without sentiments of senatorial districts, federal constituency, nor town and particularly whose pedigree truly shows he is a son of the soil with genuine interest to serve the people and free them from political dictatorship, influence from political cabals from outside the state.

As the battle to wrestle the state from its true owners, the people continue by voracious external political cabals, the survey result by a group of concerned youth which explored political history, trends and projections in Osun State seems a timely one.

The group of concerned youths in its findings revealed that it is obvious that the people of Osun State are now conscious, sophisticated politically  and ready to take their destinies into their hands, eradicate the politics of impositions and godfatherism and speak with one voice in the forthcoming elections.

The group said its findings revealed that 65, 863 representing 63 per cent of people of Osun State want their next governor to come from West Senatorial District. And I will add that it is obvious that the political pendulum for Osun governorship elections should swing to Iwo federal constituency in Osun West senatorial district.

The history of politics in the state supports this and I am sure that people in Osun are ready to work for this

Ade Alabi,

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