Outrage in Kano as bride gives birth to baby boy a day after marriage

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By AbdulSalam Muhammad,  Kano

It was angst,  embarrassment and pains among Muslim Umma  in Kano State last week  as report had it that one of the brides in the state-sponsored mass-wedding,  Habiba Inusa, put to bed, a baby boy, the day after she was joined with her bride in matrimony.  This punctured the joy of the city dwellers .

The outrage by residents was normal in a highly religious society that abhors and detest pre-marital sex.

Some of the brides after the reception

It was seen as a the scandal and left an open-ended question as to why such incident, under a strict religious body like Hisbah board, co-organisers of the ceremony, occurred without detection.

Interestingly,  Habiba Inusa, and his groom,  Malam Babangida, were just one in the multitude of 1520 couples that officially tied the nuptial bond on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, in a decentralised mass wedding across 44 local government area in Kano State.

On the occasion,  the Commandant, Kano Hisbah board, Alhaji Aminu Daurawa, told the world that successful couples were certified fit for the exercise after they were subjected to series of tests.

Sheik Daurawa disclosed that each couple were screened of  HIV test by his board,  evidence of economic and financial well-being of the grooms was certified, and clearance from the Ward Head that vouched for their impeccable character.

The Sheik also declared that  under the conditions that qualify grooms to participate in the mass wedding was a clause that guarantees “for better for worse”.

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He explained that “Hisbah board does not condone divorce under this arrangement, and would seek redress in court in the event of a violation. You are simply married till death do you part”.

But,  the question today is how did a bride that was supposed to have passed through the screening exercise, delivered a baby 24hours after a marriage that was meant not to tolerate pre-marital sex?

Sheik Daurawa told a local radio station that he was not surprised at the incident, saying that the exercise was decentralised and left in the hands of politicians this time round.

Asked why he said the couples underwent medical screening on February 26, he said he was referring to the 50 couple slots given to the board headquarters.

“We were suddenly asked to provide list of the couples six months after we thoroughly screened them in conjunction with qualified medical personnel of the ministry of Health. Government decided to allow local governments to handle the exercise. So anything can happen.”

Something did happen

Sunday Vanguard learnt that the bride, Habiba, allegedly concealed the pregnancy to her suitor during courtship period.

However, Gangare residents  of Doguwa Local Government Area of the state and Kano Hisbah board, were stunned when Habiba Inusa went into labour a day after the wedding.

In what appeared like a sizzling romantic series,  the new wife put to bed a bouncing baby boy to the utter embarrassment of the people, their culture and faith.

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Consequently, Sunday Vanguard further learnt the propriety of who took the paternal responsibilities was settled moment after, because the enraged groom, Malam Babangida, reportedly ejected his new wife from his house  with the innocent baby.

The sacrilegious action of the bride has already claimed a victim as one Malam Kamalu, who was believed to be the man behind the embarrassing romantic drama, has disappeared from the village soon as it became evident that the  bubble had burst.

In a reaction to the alleged misconduct,  Ustaz Ahmad Kabiru declared that “appropriate punishment as specified by teaching of Islam should be applied. We are Muslims and we are covered by Sharia Law and whoever compromised the rules must face punishment as deterrent to others ”

This singular act by the Doguwa groom has opened a wave of controversy on an exercise that was instituted by Kano State Government way back in 2012.

True to Ustaz Kabir’s submission under strict Islamic law,  an infringement has occurred but whether the relevant authorities would summon enough courage to do the needful would  be seen in days ahead .

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