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Owhoko’s book, The Language of Oil and Gas receives a boost

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Succour has come the way of the oil and gas industry as its efforts at communicating issues to stakeholders has received a boost after a lingo compendium was reintroduced to the public with reinvigorated and well researched information containing clear and detailed definitions that are extensively cross referenced, and handy for quick and easy understanding of the industry.


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The Language of Oil and Gas which is contained in a book published in the United States of America is a dictionary and a complete explanation of oil and gas terminology comprising current developments in the industry which comprises the upstream, midstream and downstream.

The book written by Michael Owhoko, a renowned author and journalist, was published by BookVenture Publishing LLC, and has been formally released to the public. It is available in major bookstores worldwide, including Amazon, Banes and Nobles, BookVentures.

“Every trade or profession has its language. The language is what gives it its unique identification. The oil and gas industry, just like other trade and professions, has its peculiar language. For those whose activities revolve round this industry, the surest way to build a bridge across to it is to be familiar with its unique identification”, Michael Owhoko discloses in the new book.

The book is vital to all stakeholders in the oil and gas industry, particularly professionals, practitioners, journalists, contractors, businessmen and students, as it provides explanation to hitherto grey areas with robust clarity of concepts. It is a must read, as all lives are impacted directly or indirectly by the oil and gas industry one way or the other.

Michael Owhoko is a media and public relations practitioner who has mostly worked in the oil and gas, banking, and media industries. He earned degrees in political science and mass communications and is the publisher of Media Issues, an online newspaper. He is also the author of Career Frustration in the WorkplaceNigeria on the Precipice: Issues, Options and SolutionsThe Future of Nigeria; andFeminism: The Agony of Men.

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