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Paul Adefarasin Under Fire for ‘Fulani Colonisation’ Speech

Paul Adefarasin Under Fire for ‘Fulani Colonisation’ Speech

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Paul Adefarasin, the general overseer of House On The Rock, has come under attack for using his platform to voice against the invasion of the herdsmen who are allegedly responsible for the death of Nigerians.

Addressing his congregation, the pastor said: “we see no python dance, it is evidently a land grab by the Fulanis” while alleging that a “Mahdi” is responsible for it.

Recall that the Guardian reported that the presidency recommended that the nation prays as they have tried their best with security.

The video that caused the chaos:

“Nigeria will never become the fulani Republic” – Pastor Paul Adefarasin.

— Chief Perkins (@poabaje) July 1, 2018

Some Nigerians were clearly not pleased with his remark:

I am a Christian and my blood is boiling by the insinuations made by Pastor Paul Adefarasin.

May the God we ALL serve EXPOSE the hearts of men who incite enimity.

The call to every follower of Christ is to pursue peace with ALL men.

Guess some read the Bible wrong.

— ilsa aida (@IlsaAida) July 1, 2018

Nothing saddens me like seeing someone I respect disappoint me so greatly.

.@pauladefarasin has joined the hordes of Shameless Pastors criminalizing the Fulani people on the wrongs of a few bad eggs. Why do we keep pushing this Islamization agenda? Why?

Wahala dey o.

— Adebayo Bankole Akintunde (@AdeBanqie) July 1, 2018

Just watched Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s video and I must say I’m very disappointed he is preaching such bogus conspiracy sermons. Met him once and I had nothing but praise for him but today, I have no praise for him.

But our govt CAUSED this by their inactions.

— Yemi (@Babygiwa) July 1, 2018

Assuming this video is true, Paul Adefarasin is clearly a liar and dangerous pastor for the nonsense he is ranting here. This is dangerous & unacceptable lies.

He should be investigated & prosecuted for spreading ethnic lies and hatred that could result to tribal war in Nigeria.

— ‘Tunji Adeyèmi (@TJAdethink) July 1, 2018

All you see is land grabbing @pauladefarasin. All you see is Fulani colonization. You don’t see that BH is barely functioning. You don’t see school kids being fed. You don’t see the economy rebounding.

If you speak for God may He bless you.

If not, may He SILENCE you.

— David Atta (@the_davidatta) July 1, 2018

Some beg to differ:

I dare you to arrest @pauladefarasin for saying the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Paul, history will be kind to you. Very kind!

— Ben Murray-Bruce (@benmurraybruce) July 1, 2018

Pastors are now speaking up because it has dawned on them that their priestly status will not save them when the need arises.

To those who say that the Pastors speaking up are instigating chaos, just come out of the closet to say that you support the carnage going on.

— Chi (@JajaPhD) July 1, 2018

After church service, Lagos intellectuals and BMC will attack Pastor Paul Adefarasin for hitting the nail on the head of genocidal attacks ongoing in parts of Nigeria.

Tolu is coordinating the attacks.

— IKECHUKWU (@iykimo) July 1, 2018

I remember when ‘Apostle’ Suleiman called out Elrufai… … it ended with his ‘mistress’ being made manifest… .

I hope Paul Adefarasin is ready?

— Gege (@nigeriasbest) July 1, 2018

State of Emergency?? Nooo.

We need to attack Paul Adefarasin on twitter, and compare the number of people killed under PDP VS APC.

— Tochukwu (@Tokwonna) July 1, 2018

OBJ was very firm against OPC, even took on CAN because he understood the importance of being seen to be impartial, by all.

When people like Paul Adefarasin -calm & urbane- begin to speak like this, you know it’s over.

— Baba (@ChykeBaba) July 1, 2018

You outsourced your duty to God. The “men of God” are now speaking. It’s what happens when incompetence postures as fraudulent spirituality

— Resistance is Futile (@chrisngwodo) July 1, 2018

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