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PDP, APGA must align in Nasarawa for 2019

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If democracy is truly the game of numbers, then it is imperative for the two main opposition parties (PDP and APGA) in Nasarawa State to form an alliance to be able to defeat the ruling APC in 2019, since they seem to share similar ideology of zoning the next governorship candidature to Nasarawa senatorial zone that has never tasted the headship of the state since its  creation.

Whereas the two western and southern zones have ruled the state eight and twelve years respectively but the northern zone with all its potential leaders has never tasted the governorship stool.

Though not constitutional, the two main opposition parties in the state have been clamouring for rotation. The reason the northern zone gave is that the zone had worked tirelessly to support candidates from the two zones in the past.

This understanding of power rotation is believed to be borne out of the spirit of inclusiveness in the governance and principle of oneness.

However, if this ideology of zoning must be actualized by the two opposition parties in 2019 governorship election bid, alliance between the APGA and the PDP in the state is an option.

After all in 2015 the same alliance played out between APGA and PDP during the presidential election that give Goodluck Jonathan a resounding victory over president Muhamadu Buhari though the defunct CPC governor as ruling party in the state.

One major loophole noticeable with politicians from the northern zone is their inability to unite and produce a single candidate.

The recent order by the national leadership of the PDP calling on the party to form alliances with other political parties to wrest power from the APC both at the state and national level, should serve as wake up call for the PDP Nasarawa chapter to join forces with the APGA that has fast gained wide popularity in the state.

While it could be observed that the two political parties have maintained an alliance at the national level, the time has come for them to extend that alliance to the state to conquer the ruling APC in the state.

The ruling APC in the state is not unaware of the increasing acceptance of the APGA and the overwhelming performance of the party in the 2015 governorship election.

Political alliance has helped to wrest powers from strong ruling parties world over. The PDP and the APGA can form this alliance to end APC rule in the state.

As the drumming for change in the political leadership of the state gets louder, all hopes are the PDP and the APGA, the duo must put their difference and ego apart and unite to bring a new government into power come 2019.

Joseph Enna


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