Pepsi Takes Lekki Toll Gate – No Shakin’ Carry Go

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August was truly an interesting month. It was even more interesting for commuters who passed through the Lekki Toll Gate on the evening of the 11th of August 2017 when they were pleasantly surprised by Pepsi

For one amazing – and refreshing – ‘No Shakin’, Carry Go hour, Pepsi took over the Lekki Toll Gate to spread the message of #NoShakinCarryGo.

This takeover saw excited commuters at the Lekki toll gate enjoy free toll between the hours of 5pm – 6pm. To crown it all, Commuters were also served with free refreshing 50cl plastic bottles of Pepsi!

Without any doubt, this unexpected experience was well received by all who drove by between 5pm – 6pm. You don’t believe me? Check out the smiles on the faces of these people:

Some people even took to social media to express their excitement:

In essence when people’s fare got paid, Pepsi meant No shaking for price and when they got their refreshing bottle of Pepsi, Pepsi meant carry go with all that cool refreshment at a cool size of 50cl and at an even cooler price of N100.

No Shakin’ Carry Go Lagos!

Pepsi Says “No Shakin’ Carry Go!” Free Drinks and Free Toll at Lekki Toll Gate

A few weeks ago, Pepsi announced that the Pepsi 50cl plastic bottle is now back at N100 with the #NoShakinCarryGo campaign (in Lagos and Ibadan). On Friday the 11th of August, the No Shakin’ Carry Go message was brought to commuters at the Lekki toll gate.

By doing this, Pepsi wanted to bring the message of the campaign to life. Incase you are wondering what the message is, it simply means, “No shaking with the price of the Pepsi 50cl plastic bottle that is now back at N100 and you and I can now carry go with enough enjoyment and refreshment the way we truly deserve.”

So Pepsi took over the Lekki toll gate between the hours of 5 & 6 pm to spread the word in what has was termed the No Shakin’, Carry Go hour.

The plan was clever and simple; from 5pm to 6pm commuters going through the Lekki toll gate got to enjoy free toll and free bottles of Pepsi. Amazing!

Given the level of stress associated with rush hour, this break from the regular Lagos hustle and bustle was an instant success among the commuters fortunate to be on the road at that time.

Now this was truly an awesome way to say to Lagosians, No Shakin’ Carry go!

Well done Pepsi!  

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