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Preparing Christians for the war against societal vices

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A review of Moses Akinyetun’s book, The Kingdom Combatants
We are in a world of war, and it is expected that every Christian will rise up to wage war against forces of evil.

With this, Moses Akinyetun’s book, The Kingdom Combatants, charges Christians to wake up from their slumber and join the Christ Army.

The book starts with God’s assignment for Moses to raise a formidable army to deliver His people from the oppression of Pharaoh.

Apart from Moses, the author also explains that God picked David to fight the battle with Goliath, who had been oppressing the Israelites with fire and brimstone.

Goliath, on several occasions, had challenged the Israelites to produce a man who would confront him in battle, but the challenge was also an affront against God, who responded by bringing out David, a youth, instead of a man, to challenge Goliath.

This story teaches us that God can use anybody to win any battle, no matter how tough it might be.

However, while physical battles were fought in the Old Testament by the children of God, things changed dramatically in the New Testament, when fighting battles does not necessarily mean physical warfare.

According to Pastor Dr E.T. Oluwayemi, the Deputy General Overseer of the Gospel Faith Mission International (GAFAMINT), in his Foreword on the book, the task for today’s Kingdom Combatants is to take over territories for Christ.

“The peculiar war of today is to deal with the dearth of the liberating Word in this end time….. The world of today is hedged in by senseless immorality, decadence and wickedness in high places. Vices such as homos3xualism, lesbianism and bestiality have been taken to an alarming height.

“Where do you stand as a Christian soldier? What should you do? The Kingdom Combatant has answers to these nagging questions,” Pastor Oluwayemi wrote.

The four-chapter book further explains the warfare Christians are likely to face in today’s world, and how they can be agents of change in a spiritually-polluting world.

The author, Akinyetun, is the current National Youth Pastor at GOFAMINT.


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