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Prostate & Sexual Issues in Men (II)

Prostate & Sexual Issues in Men (II)

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BENIGN PROSTATE HYPERPLASIA (BPH) OR simply known as Enlarged prostate happens to almost all men as they get older and as the gland grows, it can press on the urethra and cause urination and bladder problem appears mainly when men start to age. Though the exact cause is unknown to anyone but it is generally believed that changes in male sex hormone that comes with aging may be a factor.  Any family history of prostate problems or any abnormalities with your testicles may raise your risk of BPH.

Usually, the symptoms of BPH are mild at first, and if left untreated, they become more serious and these symptoms include;

  • Nocturia – the need to urinate four or more times at night.

  • Painful urination and sudden urge to urinate.

  • A weak urinary system and incomplete bladder emptying.

  • You have to stop and restart several times

  • Appearance of blood in the urine.

Once you see one or more of these symptoms, you should treat them before they become complicated.

Viewden, I got the Procin x and Cellod S combination to help combat my problem of prostate enlargement, and the first thing I noticed is that I no longer go to the toilet more than twice in the night as opposed to six to eight times from before. Though I still feel slight pains, but I guess it will go in the course of usage as im just in the second week of usage. I’d like to know if I will be using the product forever or how long should I use it for? Mr Idris

Procin X and Cellod S helps to combat prostate enlargement. Consistent usage eliminates the symptoms one after the other. For the best of result, it is recommended you take the combination for 110 days or at least 60 days back to back without break and since you are just in the 2nd week of usage, the symptoms will be going with time until they are all alleviated from the body.

Im a 55-year-old diabetic man who is also suffering from chronic case of early ejaculation. I have tried so many supplements all to no avail , but a friend of mine recommended Marathon21 to me, which he got from you and also used to solve the same problem as mine. Please how effective is it and how long will I use it for? What can I take for instant strong erection? Mr Dayo

The best and the safest for men with diabetes, hypertension or any other health issue is Marathon 21 . The Marathon 21 helps correct premature ejaculation over a period of two months. Marathon 21 is a herbal supplement which helps combat the root cause of early ejaculation and works over a period of time and it makes you last long and even give quick recovery time for another round. if you need a strong erection on demand, you can take Maxidus, Man up or Stiff nite, Rhino 7. If you take any of these, you get strong erection within 30 minutes of using them.

Hello Viewden, I used Nitkick and I’m so amazed at the great result I got from it. I called back severally but I was told it was out of stock. Please do let me know when its available again cos I gave some of my friends and they can’t wait to get their hands on it again. TY

Mr TY, thank you for the positive comment on Nitkick, I’m really happy you got a wonderful result from the usage. Yes, Nitkick is now available and you can place your orders alongside your friends for a very strong erection.

I have been following your articles for some time and I have learnt a great deal on prostate. Im still a very young man and I’m trying to prevent prostate cancer, what can you recommend I use to for prevention of prostate enlargement and cancer? Tunji

Prostate enlargement and /or cancer can be prevented by taking ProcinX and CellodS, which uproots any sign that lead to the enlargement of the prostate and helps maintain the prostate. in summary, for the health and wellbeing of prostate, use the combination.

Hello , I will like to inquire how long I have to take Reproaid for fertility treatment before I can see any noticeable result as this is the 2nd month of usage. Alabi

Reproaid is good in boosting sperm cells. it helps to improve the quality and the quantity of sperm cells produced for fertility. We usually recommend that after the 3rd month of using Reproaid, you go for sperm analysis to check the improvement of the sperm cells

These are all we can take for this week. Adults who needs any of these aphrodisiacs can call 08034666358, 07059294782 from 8am to 6pm pm Mondays to Fridays and for comprehensive test ,visit our office at 5a, Lucas street, off Bola Tinuu road, ifako ijaiye, Lagos from 10am to 2pm on Saturdays or place your order at For further enquiries, send an email to us at:,

Kemi Fawole (MD )


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