R-18+: Someone gave my friend head, I’m scared!

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A lot of you reading may be surprised as to how exactly this affects me but you’ll know soon enough.

If you didn’t know what ‘head’ is, well it’s the process of ‘eating out’ a female’s succulent vagina, and making her get that orgasm that your dick might never be able to achieve.

It is extremely pleasurable for people who are into that type of stuff.

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You know you’re doing your woman right when she starts to push your head back, saying stuff like ‘STOP, STOP…’

I’ll advise you to continue because at that point it’s either she loves it and is about to reach her cloud nine, or you need to get the hell up cause you’re hurting her precious pum.


The men reading this right now are probably wondering ‘Doesn’t HEAD apply to us too?’ Well it does.

For a man though, climax is quite easy and I can bet that just your tongue on his dick will get it raining cum in no time.

Ok I’m Kidding (Or am I?); you need to put in work babes. Open your mouth, stick his annoying dick and just chew (LMAO, I need to stop playing).

Just make sure to use a lot of saliva to keep the dick lubricated, deep-throat if you can, avoid biting and I’m sure he’ll ‘cum’ pouring in no time (see what I did there?).

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*SIGH* I totally deviated from the story but before I get back to the real issue here, I’ll like to sound a note of warning to everyone, ALWAYS ASK YOUR SEX PARTNER WHAT THEY LIKE IN TERMS OF ANYTHING SEX.

I had a guy suck me dry once, I did the needful and asked him to fuck off my perfect Punnani.


Anyways, this friend I’m referring to is about five feet tall, light skinned, smart-ish, can dance, loves money, hates cooking, has halitosis (mouth odour) and above all, she isn’t clean.

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So we’re talking and having money conversations and boom! She goes, ‘Remember that rich baby boy I told you about last week, saw him yesterday, he gave me head and it was amazing.’

First I’m like ‘WHAT?! Why will someone want to go down there?’ Second, I remember she is always bushy so he went the extra mile of navigating through that forest and then went ahead to eat her out?


I was so confused and I needed answers. So I’m like, ‘Did he ever call you after that?’ and she goes ‘Hell yeah.’

That was when I finalised that most men are scum (scum in this context means filthy).

Now I’m deeply scared and scarred from the entire experience. I’ve avoided kissing any man in months and I intend to keep it that way till I get over this.

Pray for me guys, pray for me.

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