RE: Can I disturb her home?

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Before counselling Evans, I want to thank you and salute your courage on how you have been using this platform to help troubled minds and homes. It is my prayer that God Almighty will continue to bless and uphold your home.


On the issue of the young man, Evans, who claimed he got his girlfriend pregnant before he embarked on a trip that lasted for seven months. The issue is a pathetic one and it calls for caution because it is very obvious that Evans was actually being economical with the truth. What is the evidence that he actually impregnated the young girl?

Is there a written proof to that effect?

However, if your claim was actually true, it is a clear indication that the young girl in question is a promiscuous type and should be treated as such.

Evans, you must approach the girl to actually find out why she did such a wicked act since she had already informed you about the pregnancy before you travelled as you have claimed by the this man.

He must also bear in mind that he was never legally married to his purported girlfriend.

I will also suggest that the young man should consult a legal expert before he can make any move. Oluwatoyin, Ado Ekiti, 08060893986. Tee Man <>

Evans, for peace to reign, I will advise you to forget your supposed girlfriend. I am saying this because you ought to have known her number and call while you were away for seven months. She needed care in pregnancy. Your decision to claim the child seems like an after thought to me. Debra A, Alakia, Ibadan, 08055631749.


Evans, you should peacefully find a way to get your girlfriend’s number from close friends or visit her to see if you can get her attention so as to explain things to her and apologise. If you are lucky enough to get her phone number, you should call her and as well send some of her trusted friends to plead with her on your behalf. But you should put God first through prayers. Your target will be to get your child back at the right time, but if the lady concerned still loves you, she can retrace her steps and marry the father of her baby. But you have to be patient and must not force things on her, allow the lady to let out her anger, but you must be sober and continue to apologise until the lady forgives you. If she is meant for you, God will reconcile you both and if not, you should claim your child peacefully. Akinmolayan Oladehinde I, 08059300251.


Evans, the story you have told us is too smooth for any reasonable human being to believe all you have said. Please, learn to say things as they are. You will have to take issue of relationship serious another time. Joke, internet.


Evans, there is a saying in Yoruba that says you should put others in your shoes whenever you think of doing anything that can affect your future decisions in life. You have claimed that you put your girlfriend in the family way before leaving your base for a period of seven months! You never bothered to find out what happened to her and the unborn while your sojourn last! Please, find something else to say. I don’t believe your cock and bull story. Otito, Lagos.


Evans, you did not play your part well. If your girlfriend were to be a relative of mine, I will advise her not to have anything to do with you. How on earth will a man who claims to be a man of integrity abandon an acclaimed pregnant girlfriend for seven months without any form of communication! This is absolute wickedness. The truth is yet to be told. David, Abuja.


Evans, I doubt if you were indeed responsible for the pregnancy in the first place. If you were, you would have been responsible enough to stand up to your responsibility by at least taking this girl to your parents or relatives so they could have stood in the gap while you were away. There is the need first to establish the true father of the child before you will know what to do in resolving this issue. Sheu, Kaduna.

Evans, to my mind, there is nothing that is suggestive of confusion because you are the architect of your predicament. Going by the content of your letter to me, I am still unable to come to terms with your claim. You said that you had put your girlfriend in the family way before you were asked to go on official duty for seven months without having any means of communication with your girlfriend.

Your claim to the fact that you lost your phone as a result loss of your contacts means a lot. It appears you are not serious with the girl. If it is not possible to know your contacts numbers off hand, your girlfriend’s number should not be one of such.

You are only playing to the gallery by wanting to disturb the lady’s home because you have done nothing to authenticate that you indeed impregnated this lady. When she initially informed you about the pregnancy, what steps did you take to confirm this claim? Did you both visit any hospital to actually know her status?

Evans, the two of you are not telling the public the truth, even with her action of pitching her tent with another man! The only option available to you to lay to rest the controversy surrounding the paternity of the baby is to take him for DNA test. I will not want you to be involved in fighting a senseless war with the girl.

I believe that with what has happened to you, you will learn to be more responsible and committed to whatever cause you believe in,

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