Re: Dangote’s $4.6bn investment in farming

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Nigerians are lucky to have Alhaji Aliko Dangote; a man that has completely dedicated his life to putting smiles on the faces of many unemployed graduates in Nigeria. He commands a lot of respect from all the people of Nigeria both at home and abroad.

I was very glad when I read a story published by the Nigerian Tribune newspaper with the headline:Dangote invests $4.6bn in farming.

This is very good. I want to urge other wealthy people in Nigeria most especially our politicians who believes in investing only in petrol stations and hotels to stop it and emulate Aliko Dangote.Alhaji Dangote is always concerned with how to wipe the tears of unemployed graduates in Nigeria by creating new production companies.

The only way to reduce kidnapping and armed robbery in Nigeria is find jobs for the youths. A Yoruba adage says:omo tebi ba pa, yo jale, meaning: An hungry child will steal.

Now that universities are churning out thousands of graduates every year, if you don’t know a strong politician, you may not get a job.

Nigeria’s jobs are for those who have links with ministers, senators and governors.

This cannot happen in all the company established by Dangote. It is in view of this that I call on millions of Nigerians to keep Dangote in their prayers every day.

Aliko deserves our prayer considering what he has been doing with his wealth. However, in the said news story, I read that  Alhaji Aliko Dangote set up  five plants for sugar milling and 10 for rice from switzerland to be located in the North.

Sir, I know you are from the North in Kano state. Kindly give us more plants in Ibadan the state capital of Oyo state.We have enough land in Ibadan.It will add to your  achievements if you can leave a legacy in Ibadan.

Employment is very important in human life. Many male graduates in Nigeria cant get married because there is no job. Dangote is supporting the federal government in the area of creating job opportunities for the youths.

Once again, there is availability of land in Ibadan to build companies. I also want to appeal to the media aide to Aliko Dangote to draw his attention to this write up.

Jimoh Mumin.Jimoh mumin: 08034435211

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