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Re: Where is my Mummy?

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Yemisi mother, dear yemisi, KemiKemi, your case is very simple. All you need do is to send your mum’s details if you have any  to Tribune for publication. Mr Segun Adebayo, 08023067411.

Kemi, you can trace the Oniga’s family through Cards Series’ Database of the state to ask those that bear your mother’s name to locate her. It might be cultural differences that caused the hassle…, Professor Gboyega Mike Oginni, University of Ibadan, 08169570704.

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Kemi, you have taken the right step through the medium that you have used in reaching out to your mother. It will be easier if you can get her photograph and her full name, with these pieces of information, you can go on the social media. Wish you best of luck. Debra A, Alakia, Ibadan, 08055631749.

Kemi, I will counsel you to be prayerful and commit your father into God’s hand and always be polite with him. In no distant time God will touch his heart and he will take you to where your mother is.  Chris, Edo State, 08168756241.

Kemi, Your paternal grandmother is well positioned to resolve this issue once and for all. Go to her and plead that you will appreciate if she can take it upon herself to talk to her son (your daddy) to please, link you up with your mother. As her intervention is ongoing, you on your part should seek audience with your daddy so as to talk things over for him to accede to your request. You don’t have to maintain any hard stance as this will rather complicate the issue. Dwell less on the fact that he has remarried and face the issue of seeing your mother if she has not deemed it ft to sought you. But as things are, you just have to tread softly. Has your father met with your husband? If the answer is yes, he can also be of assistance by speaking with him first on the telephone asking for an appointment with him. If he approves of his request then the riddle is half solved. You can as well look for your dad’s close pal to do the first leg of the consultation. You need to first establish if he would be willing to see you. Don’t forget that he is a military man. With interventions here and there, he will reason with you. Dear Yemisi.

Kemi, I take exception to the first reaction because Tribune cannot publish such a piece since the issue has nothing to do with missing mum that would have been in the know of the security agencies. Dear Yemisi.

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