Re: Who should I listen to?

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Xtie, I align myself with the position of your parents for your immediate, future and sustainable future, happiness and respect. U John, 08023705740.

Xtie, my sincere advice to you is to take your parents’ advice. You cannot hide the truth forever. Do not lay your matrimonial home on faulty foundation, who says that your proposed husband will not know the truth about you having a child out of wedlock, even your so-called friend can let the cat out of the bag which can make your man mad with you. JA Babatunde, 08149313775.

Xtie, my candid advice would have been to discourage you from telling your would-be spouse, but your parents’ backing is germane. You have no choice than to tell your lover the truth about your past and be free from guilt. It is an opportunity to test your man and be free from sin. You should be prayerful, submissive, tolerant and persevere. I wish you the very best, Peter Ede, 08117923900.

Xtie, I understand what you feel. But  you should just tell the man that wants to marry you all that you have experienced so that the man too with a God-fearing heart will understand you and marry you with courage. Please, tell him the truth.

Xtie, take the advice of your parents. Hiding a child you had out of wedlock is a very big deceit that most men won’t take lightly when they later discover which definitely they will. Any man that rejects you because you had a child out of wedlock is not your husband, 07030160619.

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Xtie, your second friend has said the truth, even your parents are in line with the truth.  My advice for you is that no matter the situation, tell the truth to whoever you are led to, because not saying the truth may spell doom after you might have settled down with the right man. The Bible says we should say the truth in John 8: 32. I wish you all the best and I pray you find the right man.

Xtie, I will advise you take your time to actually know what you are gunning at. If you desire to have a peaceful home at the end of this problem of yours, it is better you count the cost so as to know what to do. You cannot but tell whoever is interested in having you as his wife that you already have a child. It does not even stop at mere information but that the man must be ready to accept you and the child as his. He should for no reason hide this fact from his parents too. If you fail to do this, you are indirectly courting trouble. Ire, Lagos.

Xtie, the moment you see your predicament as a desperado, you are likely to fall into another trap if care is not taken. Getting a single man to want to accept another man’s responsibility is very rare, hence your being forthright right from the onset of your new relationship with not just any man but one who is sincere in his claim of wanting to marry you and not just a hit and run type. Grace, Abuja.

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Xtie, the question of who should you listen to me is uncalled for as you must listen to your parents who are your gods apart from God. It is established in the Bible that you must obey your parents. Don’t forget that this is the only commandment with a promise. As you would want your children to obey you later in life then you are expected to do same. As long as they are not asking you to do anything untoward, always respect their opinion. It is well with you. Chukwuma, Jos.

Xtie, don’t ever consider that friend of yours who counseled that you must not disclose your status. She is not being sincere with you. If you ever make that mistake, she will be the one to tell whoever cares to listen your past. You know the implication of keeping mum over such a secret. For you not to build on a shaky foundation, please, do what is right as you put yourself in the shoe of that guy assuming he is the one who already has a child and he keeps you in the dark, Anonymous.

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