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Reducing human rights abuse

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IT is a common sight to find some bad eggs within the rank and file of the nation’s police formation that go about extorting money from the citizens they are meant to protect.

Unfortunately, in recent time, the social media went on fire with many people sharing bitter encounters with members of the police.

By this, the number of both reported and unreported cases of police brutality has gone on the high thereby increasing the number of human rights abuses. This is both sad and disturbing. The government and the relevant regulatory agencies should do the needful to curb these excesses. It is not in the interest of the nation, particularly as a democracy that we claim to represent.

There have been many allegations against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, otherwise known as SARS. For many, this squad has been operating outside the law and inflicting daily brutality on Nigerians who are often legally powerless to defend themselves.

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Stories of how individuals were unlawfully beaten, thrown into jail or arrested are being retold in all corners. It is, indeed, saddening and the relevant authorities should do the needful.

I must also add that although many are calling for the scrapping of the unit. This may be necessary, but may eventually be counterproductive. The unit can be retrained and given the proper reorientation. We all need all the police formations that we can get, especially given the huge problem of insecurity across the nation.

Consequently, if a unit established with the sole responsibility of keeping Nigerians safe is not living up to expectation, then of what use is it? While it is true that some school of thought is proposing the establishment of state police, we must do all within our power to ensure that the formation that we have at present is well managed.

The increasing cases of human rights abuse must be nipped in the bud. Something drastic must be done to arrest the situation.

Ekene Odigwe, Imo

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