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Roadmap to prosperity

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growthPeople become what they consistently hear. Most of what we teach to 3rd world people cannot be taught in 1st world countries. If our emphasis is changed from what it is right now, the way our people think when it comes to prosperity is equally going to change. For the umpteenth time, people’s lives are shaped by what they consistently hear.

If what we are teaching is the truth, then it is supposed to impact positively on the standard of living of our people. Methinks it is incorrect to weave prosperity around what is esoteric. Prosperity is not mysterious one bit. Synoptically, it is a byproduct of an input. Also, it is not for a special class of people. Anyone who desires to become prosperous can attain it.

Prosperity has nothing to do with the status of your parents. In fact, those born without any spoon in their mouth can become prosperous. Also, prosperity has nothing to do with your skin complexion. And it is not a national of any country. Anyone who desires and is ready to work hard for it can get it. How do I mean?

The first thing I want to share with you is that those who are teaching that our people can become prosperous overnight are giving them what I have chosen to call—false hope. Also, no one is going to become prosperous by accident. You are not going to wake up one day and just find yourself prosperous. It takes time to become prosperous. And the best time to start planning and working hard for it is right now.

Two, prosperity does not answer to giving alone. Giving is a powerful principle and I consistently give. In fact, if you haven’t started giving, I encourage you to start giving. But the truth is, you can give and still die poor, if you do not walk in shoe leather what I am sharing with you today.

If the only thing that makes people become rich is giving alone, then everyone in Nigeria is supposed to be very rich. Nigerians are dangerous givers, but the last time I checked, most of our people are still living below poverty line—both religious and unreligious ones. Most of our people are living on less than two (2) dollars daily. It means there is a disconnect somewhere.

To become prosperous, you must know how to relate to those who are relevant to your life and your work-ethic must become rock-solid. You must have a strong control over your sleep and stomach. You must detest laziness and consistently acquire knowledge and new skills in your field of passion. Prosperity and ignorance do not flow together. Wherever you see ignorance, you won’t find prosperity there.

Also, to become prosperous, you must fall in love with excellence. Mediocrity and prosperity do not cohabitate. They are like two parallel wires that can never meet, so those who love prosperity hate mediocrity. Also, rare-excellence attracts high-finances while mediocrity repels it. To become exceptionally wealthy in this day and time, one of the things you need to do is to become a man or woman of rare-excellence.

This is where I am coming: we need to start telling our people that it is not possible in this day and time to look ahead to becoming wealthy without running without either high-quality products or excellence-driven services. If we all can change the gear of our emphasis to this in all our places of worship, in the process of time, Nigeria is going to become better for it, economically. People—who are without brainchildren—no matter how religious they are—should not expect to be wealthy in this day and time.

It is either we produce or we perish in penury. Our prosperity as a people is tied to our productivity. Tell people who are not productive that they would become wealthy is equivalent to false hope and that’s unfair. When virtually every Nigerian becomes productive, it impacts positively on our GDP as a nation.

As a people, we are moving from individual prosperity to city prosperity and nation-wide prosperity. And the only way we are going to become wealthy as a people is to embrace what I am sharing today and run with it. It should be the goal of every Nigerian—whether religious or not—to have at least a portable business and we need to move from writing resumes to writing striking proposals. I did learn how to write mind-blowing proposals very early in life and over the years, it has made a world of difference in my life. For the umpteenth time, we need a change of education-curriculum in Nigeria. The current one has become obsolete. We need to stop raising job seekers and start raising job creators!

You want to rule financially in the days to come? Then start living being productive. You need to identify your area of gifting and be committed to it. The more you are committed to it, the bigger it becomes. And the bigger it gets the louder and clearer your voice becomes. And the louder and clearer your voice becomes in Nigeria and on this continent, the higher you go in influence and the higher you go in influence, the better you are positioned to attract high-finances.

On the condition that you have been taking the issue of talent lightly, you need to stop it. Buddy, you can actually turn your talent to at least a ceaseless flowing river of business. Your talent contains your wealth! Lastly, take for instance; you can make millions of dollars from drawing, by exporting your products abroad. It is a new day for the African man.

See you where wealthy leaders are found.

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