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Samsung reaches 1,200 days with no lost time injuries

Samsung reaches 1,200 days with no lost time injuries

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Samsung Heavy Industries Nigeria (SHIN) has reached the significant health & safety milestone of 1,200 days with no lost time injuries at SHI-MCI, Africa’s largest ship fabrication & integration yard located in Lagos.

This achievement, the company said, is reflective of SHIN’s intense focus on ensuring the health and safety of its entire workforce through significant investment in training and oversight.

It pointed out the shipbuilding industry is potentially a very dangerous one with heavy machinery in operation, explosive gases used for welding and high temperatures in enclosed spaces.

This means there are many challenges to ensuring the health and safety of a large and diverse workforce.

Senior Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager of SHIN, Bala Adjuya, said: “The main challenge for Samsung is that we have many employees who have never worked in the industry before.

“So it is hard to instill an awareness of health and safety. But once you train them, it becomes a skill for life.”

The feat, he explained, was achieved through continuous staff training as well investigation of every site for hazards, mitigation measures implemented and active HSE personnel constantly present onsite to ensure safety protocols are followed.

Samsung Heavy Industries set itself a target of 0.9% LTIs on the Egina FPSO Project in Nigeria.

LTI, is a HSE term which means “lost time injury”, which is an injury sustained by an employee that will lead to loss of productive work time.

Even one minor incident will result in a complete reset of the LTIs counter to 0.

As of 25th March 2019, SHI-MCI has achieved 1,207 days of no LTIs. To achieve this challenging target, SHI-MCI said it follows a rigorous process.

“It begins from the day that new people come into the yard. We first take people to HSE training even if they only come onto the site for a job interview,” said Adjuya.

“It makes me proud that during the massive Egina FPSO Project [Africa’s largest FPSO recently completed] we were able to pull through with no sanction from regulators.”

At the peak of the Egina FPSO Project, Samsung Heavy Industries Nigeria employed approximately 5,000 employees at its fabrication & integration yard in Lagos.

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