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Scavengers fight over ruins of fire outbreak in Rivers

Scavengers fight over ruins of fire outbreak in Rivers

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Chukwudi Akasike, Port Harcourt

A group of scavengers, who besieged the Fruit and Vegetable Market that was engulfed by fire in Port Harcourt, fought one another over the leftovers from the inferno.

 The scavengers, who were mainly youths, had come into the market with sledge hammers, chisels, cutlasses and others to pull out iron bars after the inferno had destroyed goods worth millions of naira.

Southern City News gathered that while shop owners affected by the fire outbreak cried their hearts out over the loss of property, the scavengers removed iron bars and pillars, which were still standing after the inferno.

Apart from the iron bars, leftovers of some appliances like freezers and refrigerators were being carted away by the scavengers, who wheeled their ‘loot’ with wheelbarrows to a nearby warehouse.

 While they (scavengers) kept searching, they fought intermittently over the ownership of some of the ‘scraps’ they found from the site.

 One of them identified as Abdul, who spoke in Pidgin English, said they decided to fight in order to claim ownership of the ruins from the inferno.

 A trader in the market, who identified herself as Lizzy, told our correspondent that the scavengers had been fighting one another over the remains of the properties in the market.

 “We have been watching them; they have been fighting over destroyed property. Traders who lost goods worth millions of naira are crying and now have to watch this group of boys fighting over their property that had been turned to ‘scraps’ by fire.

 “We want police to come here and stop them (scavengers) from fighting because some of them were using broken bottles to intimidate one another,” Lizzy, who operated a fruit shop and also sells frozen chicken, said.

 Another trader, Chetachi, expressed sadness over the development, adding that the scavengers did not show any form of sympathy to the owners of the damaged properties.

 “They (scavengers) do not have sympathy. We lost our goods; even some of us stocked our shops with goods after spending millions of naira. All of them (goods) were eaten up by fire.

“We are just watching this set of people (scavengers) fighting over our damaged properties. Some of them are taking away what we used in building our shops like iron bars.

 “That is not fair and because we are too weak to fight them, we just stand by and watch them as they take away some of our things that can still be useful to us,” Chetachi lamented.

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