Seeking cheap attention? The Game drops another long Meek Mill diss

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The rapper posted the long caption which was accompanied with this photo.

The Internet has received temporary reprieve from the feud between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma thanks to The Game and Meek Mill.

Although Game has feuded with Meek before, past issues between the two appear to have been reawakened thanks to Remy’s ‘ShETHER,’ a lyrical onslaught aimed directly at Meek’s ex.

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Most recently, The Game dropped a few bars via an Instagram caption, dissing the Philly rhymer for allegedly providing Remy with intel for ‘ShETHER.’

And Game’s latest caption reads thus:

‘Niggas say they moving units but after they pay the 5 niggas they signed to, they back in a Uber, these rappers is stupid, giving all they cash to the jewelers, hoe these niggas on sight & I’m happy to do it, my ratchet is clueless, shooting from the back ah da buick, worth 21 mill & I’m savaging thru it, get you n ya man clipped ah got the cabbage to do it, n all it take is a G like I’m back in the UNIT, niggas is ‘s say he gone fuck my baby mama wit mask on, would fuck his baby mama her pussy got rash on it, heard she been fucked by every nigga in Philly, stealing Bo Starks lifestyle & rappin like Gilly, you own even post pictures of ya son, you ride dirt bikes wit ya nuts on Tommy Buns, I’ll smack the fuck out this nigga for some Hennessy, tellin ya girl business to her mothafuckin enemy, these days niggas is worse than bitches, say they got 40 glocks n then end up gettin stitches, I’m 6’5 250 pounds, it take 50 niggas off 2pac chest to knock eem down, & when you in LA you be walkin on egg shells, but when I find you u gone catch my fade like you catch L’s’ #StillSpendingGUnitMoney #Ask50 #EverythingBoutToDoA360 #issaFact (Sic)’

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Game’s IG diss also served as a response to Meek threatening to ‘fuck his bitch’ in a video obtained by Shade Room.

‘We gon’ fuck his bitch. That’s how we gonna do. I know one of his baby mamas [mad at him],’ a man alleged to be Meek Mill says in the video.

Over to you, Meek.

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