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She has incisions round her waist, washes her private part with fetish soap before s*x — Man

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CourtA man, Musibau Oladele has told Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, he’s had enough of his wife’s atrocities and therefore prayed for divorce.

Musibau in his divorce suit alleged that his wife, Serifat was deceitful, adulterous and diabolic. He added that she constantly denied him his conjugal right.

The plaintiff appealed to the court if his prayer was answered to restrain her from coming to harass or fight him at his residence or work place.

Musibau, while giving evidence said that, “My lord, I no more have trust in my wife whom I married 20 years ago because she  suddenly changed from the chaste woman she used to be to a whore.

“She has now become a pathological liar; she lies to cover up her indecent acts.

“She sleeps around, but regularly denies me s3x. She bluntly told me she no longer wanted to have s3x with me. According to her, I sap her of her fortune anytime we had s3x, “he said.

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“She has now become an unrepentant liar. I came back from a journey and met our house looking deserted.  I called her on phone and she told me she was in church. I went to her church but she was not there.  Till date she refused to say where went.

“She’s also fetish. I came across different kinds of charms in her possession while she has incisions round her waist.  My lord, she was in the habit of washing her private part with a particular soap before we had s3x.

“She threw my belongings out of the house after we fought. I later learnt she was sleeping with my friend, Musibau said.

“My lord, I denied him s3x because he joined a cult and was using my fortune to enhance himself.

“He ruined me because he never ceased to incur debt.  He was in the habit of borrowing money in the pretext of running his business but would never pay back. Many of those he was indebted used to come to our place to fight him.  On many occasions I pay back this debt to avoid being embarrassed.

“What he spends his money on are women. He brings home these strange women to insult me, “she added.

“My lord, I’m not sleeping with his friend. He said that to taint my image.

“He’s the one who has failed to give our children the needed attention. He passed the responsibility of their upkeep and training in school to me, “she stated.

Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade separated the couple and gave the defendant custody of their children while the plaintiff was asked to be in charge of their feeding, schooling and health.

According to Odunade, he should pay N10, 000 monthly for their children’s feeding.

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