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She’s a rebel, stopped wearing hijab when she started going to church —Husband

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A woman, Fatimo Ayetoro has dragged her husband, Kabiru Ayetoro to Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Fatimo told the court she wanted to call it quits with her husband of 17 years ago  because he was   irresponsible and was a brute.

She prayed the court if her prayer was answered to hand over their children to her husband so that he would take full responsibility of their welfare.

Kabiru agreed to claim.

“My husband is an alfa,   but  he behaves contrary to this. He behaves like a saint to outsiders -gentle, courteous and easygoing, but at home,, he’s a devil.

“He maltreats me and our children. He hardly gives us feeding allowance but will always demand for food. He not only demands for food but dictates what he wants to eat   which are usually  costly meals.

‘He doesn’t have time for our children and never gives them attention. Any time they ask him for their needs he will ask them to come to me.  Their feeding, clothing and education have solely become my responsibility.

“The worst of it all is his brutish behaviour. He beats me like one beating a drum and feels quite accomplished seeing me cry. Our children are tired of helping me mop my body with hot water and rubbing it with ointment as a result of his severe beatings.

“We once had a heated argument over food and he beat me and I ran out of our apartment. He ran after me and I fled into the street. He caught up with me and descended on me with heavy blows. He refused to stop despite being restrained by those around.  Not satisfied with that, he tore my hijab into shreds and opened my face to public glare. The neighbourhood was surprised at his action because they had always taken him for a gentleman.

“My lord, I stopped wearing hijab since people have seen my face.

“I moved out of his house when I could no longer stick his inhuman behaviour. I’m now married to another man and presently carrying his baby,

“I want him to have custody of the children so that he can take full responsibility of them, “the plaintiff said.

“I accede to divorce, Kabiru told the court.

“She had never been appreciative of all I did for her. I do all in my power to satisfy her but she was never contended.

“I never failed in taking proper care of our children while their education is my priority. She enrolled them in a private school but I couldn’t cope with the exorbitant school fees , I, therefore, took them to a public school.

“My lord, she left my home because we fought over her new fate. She was initially wearing  hijab but took it off  when she started going to church. I warned her to stop going to church but she turned deaf ears to me.

“Since she’s now under another man’s roof, let it be, “he said.

The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade giving his judgment after listening to the duo separated them and gave custody of their children to the defendant.

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