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Smart Tips On How To Become Popular On Instagram

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Instagram like every other social media platform is no longer a place to just share information and connect with friends. Today, Instagram has become a platform where people can find their voice and also create a business. Many Nigerians use Instagram to advertise their products and service because of the popularity of the platform. Instagram has been able to transform a full housewife into a successful bag designer. But, the sad reality is that many people still don’t know how best to use Instagram to market their products and services. Well, that’s why we are here, to make the unknown, known.

Below are smart tips on how you can become popular on Instagram, thereby exposing your product or service to more people.

  1. Upload only unique and authentic content:  

This is the most important rule. To become famous on Instagram, your content(s) must be truly unique and authentic. You can’t be doing what other people are doing and believe you will get famous, no fam, you must, as a rule, be genuinely creative with your content(s). You can adopt from other people, but, always make sure your content(s) personifies you. Focus on quality over quantity at all times.

2.  Focus on your audience:

When trying to build your personality on Instagram, always remember to pay attention to the people you want to engage. Your audience on Instagram are very impatient, they will move on if you are not connecting with them. To keep your audience engaged, you must provide value. You must offer additional service, provide tips and tools, be relatable, be honest, share the good and bad, that’s what people want to see.

3.  Invest in good photography:

Most small business owners believe that their iPhones and Instagram filters are enough. To set yourself apart on Instagram, it will be better to invest in better photography and editing tools.  On Instagram, a professional camera could make the difference between a good photo and a fabulous image.

4.  Be Consistent:

One of the most crucial components to becoming popular on Instagram is consistency. To capture and maintain the attention of your audience, you must constantly share relevant and relatable content(s). If your content distribution strategy is crippled, you are likely to lose the attention of your audience, as I said earlier,  Instagram users lack patience, to keep them engaged, you must be a gift that keeps giving.

These tips have passed through the test of time, employ it, imbibe it, and you will be on your way to becoming a superstar on Instagram.


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